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Lab Coat Agents Podcast

Taking the founding principles upon which Lab Coat Agents was created; collaboration, sharing, & education of the best systems for maximizing lead generation & lead conversion, sharing tips & techniques to grow your business, and discussing the latest tech to help leverage your time...and re-purposing into the Lab Coat Agents Podcast! We are here to "explore the science of real estate."

Last Episode Date: 15 May 2024

Total Episodes: 259

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15 May 2024
From Home Tours to Leads: Real Estate Video Strategies Unveiled with Andrew Bayon Ep 249 part 2

Highlights:* Captivating Content Creation: Learn the art of using 0.5x zoom for depth, start with smartphones, and gradually upgrade your equipment for stunning visuals.* Budget-Friendly Equipment: Discover affordable Neewer mics and basic lighting setups to enhance your vid...

55 min
9 May 2024
Content that Connects: Mixing Personal and Transactional Real Estate Marketing with Andrew Bayon Ep 248

Highlights:* Andrew's Career Transition: From knife sales to founding a media company, emphasizing trust in marketing.* Content Strategy Evolution: Shifted from email to video content using Marcus Sheridan's approach to build trust.* Content Balancing: Focus on combining tra...

52 min
1 May 2024
Creating Content that Connects: Trevor’s Tips for Digital Dominance Ep 247

Highlights:* Trevor's law to real estate transition, utilizing legal and business skills during the Great Recession.* Mental health struggles in law school and exploring real estate opportunities in Mexico.* Incremental goal setting for continuous business improvement.* Deve...

42 min
24 April 2024
Rental Rising: How Debt is Redefining Homeownership with Anthony Iacobucci Ep 246

HighlightsWelcome to this week's podcast highlights, where we delve into crucial topics shaping the credit and homeownership landscape:* Credit Repair Evolution: Emphasis on fintech integration and collaboration with mortgage experts.* Credit Repair Challenges: Focus on the ...

45 min
17 April 2024
Navigating the Industry Transitions in Real Estate with Mike Litton Ep 245

Highlights: * Communicating Value: Discussion on adjusting buyer commissions and the need to highlight agent value effectively.* Changes in Real Estate: Overview of recent industry shifts including CBB percentage publication and open house changes.* Consumer Sentiment a...

54 min
12 April 2024
From Crisis to Content: A Real Estate YouTube Revolution with Sheryl Willis Ep 244

Highlights: * Strategic YouTube Use    * Highlighting the strategic approach to using YouTube for business growth.    * Initiatives for a series aimed at teaching YouTube strategies through interviews.* Adaptation to Digital    * Transition...

49 min
5 April 2024
The Investor's Guide to 1031 Exchanges: Maximizing Your Tax Benefits with Joe Rivas Ep 243

Highlights:* Joe Rivas introduces and explains 1031 exchanges, focusing on benefits and limitations.* Emphasizes the importance of setting up exchanges before closing to avoid taxes.* Highlights include a 45-day identification period, 180-day completion timeline, and tax def...

34 min
30 March 2024
Open Houses Unlocked: Boosting Your Conversion Game with Mike Litton Ep 242

Highlights:* Open House Conversion Coaching:    * Focus on increasing open house conversion rates.    * Introduction of 'campers versus climbers' concept for door knocking.    * Emphasis on immediate application of communication skills.* Mike Li...

44 min
20 March 2024
Referral Revolution: The Real Estate Relationship Guide with Frank Bernardo Ep 241

* Frank Bernardo discusses earning six figures in real estate within 6-12 months.* Emphasizes building a strong client database and effective communication.* Highlights the importance of social media engagement and sphere of influence.* Focuses on establishing ...

51 min
29 February 2024
The Power of Appreciation Marketing with Curtis Lewsey Ep-240

Highlights:* The Essence of Appreciation Marketing: Exploring how personalized cards can create lasting business connections.* Key to Client Loyalty: The role of thoughtful, personal touches in client retention strategies.* Growth Through Personalization: Demonstrating the b...

52 min
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