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Kreatures Of Habit Podcast

Michael Chernow, host and founder of Kreatures of Habit, hosts discussions with his guests about their routines and habits, and how committing to them has helped their paths to success. In each episode, Michael asks about the guest’s morning and evening routines, 3 habits that have changed their life, and one habit that they've broken, and how they stay committed to it.


Last Episode Date: 12 June 2024

Total Episodes: 252

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12 June 2024
Peter Crone: Redesigning the Subconscious Mind

Peter Crone is a writer, speaker, and thought leader in human awakening and potential. He works with everyone from world-class athletes to stay-at-home parents to redesign the subconscious mind.This week, he joins Michael Chernow to talk about how you can shed your false ide...

52 min
5 June 2024
Rachel Scheer: How Functional Medicine Works

Rachel Scheer is a functional medicine practitioner and she joins Michael Chernow to discuss her healing journey, her view on Western medicine, and much more.  On this episode: 2:30 - What got Rachel into functional medicine 17:17 - Rachel’s elimination diet 26:00 - Getti...

78 min
29 May 2024
The Mind Pump Podcast: How Michael Chernow Changed His Life

This week, we’re bringing you Michael Chernow’s guest appearance on the Mind Pump Podcast.  On this episode, Michael dives into the following topics with Sal, Adam, And Justin: 02:13 - How from a young age he was trying to get out of his house.  09:41 - Being sexually ...

133 min
22 May 2024
Jason Lacayo: The Realities of Being a NYPD Cop

Jason Lacayo has been a police officer for 19 years and is currently part of the mental health outreach team. He is also the co-host of Inside the Labyrinth podcast powered by Reps for Responders, which is an organization that helps first responders and the families of first...

64 min
15 May 2024
Eric Leija: The Power in Doing the Hard Things

Eric Leija is a fitness coach in Austin, Texas. He is a co-founder of onnit gym and an adidas training athlete, he specializes in kettlebell strength and conditioning training and offers in person and online coaching. Eric is prevalent on social media where he shares his con...

53 min
8 May 2024
Matt Choi: What It Takes To Run 100 Miles

Matt Choi is a content creator, entrepreneur, and endurance athlete. He is the founder of Choi Media Group.He joins Michael Chernow to dive into what it was like to run 100 miles, how he prioritizes health and positivity, and much more.  On this episode: 9:40 - Matt’s mor...

58 min
1 May 2024
What's Really Happening? EP 6

Michael Chernow and Jonathan Yarmeisch are back to give you the scoop on what’s been happening at Kreatures of Habit.  On this episode: 4:32 - The ups and downs of business 7:59 - Culture is everything 10:41 - KOH is launching a new product 16:35 - Having a new product do...

29 min
24 April 2024
Jen Cohen: The Workout is the Hardest Part

Jennifer Cohen is an entrepreneur, podcaster, educator and bestselling author. She joins MIchael Chernow for an all-encompassing conversation about workouts, morning routines, the importance of movement, and more. On this episode: 8:15 - Does Jen ever not want to work out? 2...

77 min
17 April 2024
Frank Paul Vignola: Defining Masculinity

Frank Paul Vignola is a life coach for men who helps them master their identity and cultivate purpose. Today, he joins Michal Chernow to talk about what masculinity means, how his childhood shaped his view on life, and much more. On this episode: 3:27 - Defining masculinity ...

56 min
10 April 2024
Kaylor Betts: Don’t Let Feelings Dictate Action

Kaylor Betts is a life and business coach and the host of the Awake & Winning Podcast. He joins Michael Chernow to dig deep into staying in control of your actions. On this episode:  4:11 - The hustle and bustle of Manhattan 7:42 - Michael’s 80/20 rule 8:47 - Kaylor...

72 min
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