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Join. Converse. Inspire. – The JCI Canada Podcast!

Exploring anything and everything JCI, from inspiration and motivation to leadership and strategic thinking, with a focus on our amazing members here in JCI Canada. Please send ideas and feedback to or leave us a voice message.

Last Episode Date: 2 April 2024

Total Episodes: 97

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2 April 2024
Seizing Serendipity: Build Community Projects & Partnerships

"Serendipity: an unplanned fortunate discovery" In this episode, we delve into the world of community economic development with Matthew Taylor, a seasoned consultant specializing in strategic planning, project management, and community social work. Join us as we un...

57 min
16 March 2024
Receiving the highest honour in JCI: A Senatorship

In this conversation, I uncover what is a Sentorship in JCI. This podcast episode features JCI Senator, and current President of the JCI Canada Senate Crispin Bottomley. I learned in this interview that only 2% of JCI members receive this honour. This made me feel extra spe...

39 min
2 March 2024
4 steps to BRING IT with Sue Solymosi: Celebrating International Women's Day

Uncover what is possible with Sue Solymosi! Discover her leadership journey where she takes us from humble Canadian beginnings to South American VIP experiences. Learn her 4 key steps to BRING IT when she as she shows up fully in everything she does. --- Send in a voice ...

52 min
16 February 2024
Supporting Women Entrepreneurs: Be a champion!

We know that the opportunity of women becoming equal players in the Canadian Economy is over $150 Billion. In this episode, your host, Danielle Andrews interviews the CEO of WeBC, Shauna Harper to explore this huge opportunity. We uncover resources available to entrepreneurs...

35 min
2 February 2024
Journey to Stillness: Unveiling the Wisdom of JCI Podcasting with Danielle Andrews and Francesca Amante

Welcome to the JCI Canada podcast, where host Danielle Andrews kicks off a year-long journey delving into entrepreneurship, leadership, and personal growth. In this inaugural episode, Andrews interviews former host Francesca Amante, reflecting on her podcasting experience an...

46 min
1 February 2024
Empowering Leaders from 2023 North American Academy. Feat: NVP Francesca Amante & Academy Graduates

Welcome to the JCI Canada Podcast, where we bring you inspiring stories and insights from leaders making a difference across Canada and beyond. In this episode, titled "Empowering Leaders," your host NVP Francesca Amante sits down with JCI USA members and Academy Graduates f...

18 min
28 July 2023
Local President Jonah speaks on the JCI Canada Bylaw Education Series

Local President Jonah sits down with NVP Francesca to discuss the section of JCI Canada Bylaw review as part of our official THIRD episode on the Bylaw Education Series. Thank you Jonah for sharing your story with us today, and for inspiring us with your PASSION for JCI, yo...

20 min
6 June 2023
Part 2 - JCI Canada Bylaw Education Series with EVP Jasper

Welcome to our 2nd JCI Bylaw Education episode of our 'DID YOU KNOW series!" NVP Francesca sits down with EVP Jasper to interview him on his recent overview of the section he was delegated to review of the JCI Canada Bylaws. EVP Jasper also shares what he has bee...

23 min
26 May 2023
JCI Bylaw Education Series Part 1

Welcome to our 1st Bylaw Education episode of our 'DID YOU KNOW series!" NVP Francesca sits down with NVP Laura to interview her on her recent overview of the section she was delegated to review of the JCI Bylaws. Laura shares the two sections she reviewed and he...

41 min
1 May 2023
The power of connection through JCI. Interview with JCI USA Emily Smith

NVP Francesca sits down with JCI USA member Emily Smith to have a authentic conversation about the power of connection through JCI. Emily walks us through how becoming a JCI member has significantly changed her life, taken her out of her comfort zone and empowered her to ste...

34 min
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