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JimJim’s Reinvention Revolution Podcast

Explore the process of reinvention in the digital age as it relates to career, creativity and technology impact on daily life. Interviews with professionals, entrepreneurs, and creatives who have re-imagined success and are making a pivot. Hear insights about their inspiration, turning point and how the new digital world has helped or hurt them. Subscribe for weekly interviews about Reinvention, Creative Inspiration, Breaking Through, Digital Landscape, Entrepreneurship.

Last Episode Date: 19 April 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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19 April 2024
JJRR 113 From Landscaper to tech CEO - Becoming unrecognizable - with Bryan Clayton

#lawncare #nashville #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #greenpal Bryan Clayton is the CEO / co-founder of one of the largest lawncare online marketplaces.  Listen to JJRR 113 as Bryan shares how he started his entrepreneurial journey as a boy when his father “strongly su...

59 min
15 January 2024
JJRR 112 It's 2024! - Finishing Strong - Finding a Second Wind - with JimJim

#finishstrong #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #magicmind #podfestexpo It’s 2024!  JimJim kicks the year off exploring what it takes to finish strong and gain that second wind.  Listen to JJRR 112 as JimJim reviews his “full on” 2023 and how 2024 is starting off sl...

44 min
11 December 2023
JJRR 111 MGS goes global - Architect your life with podcasting - From karaoke to backup singer - with Aya Shlachter

#mgsglobalgroup #podcasting #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #polarplunge Aya Shlachter, founder of the newly christened MGS Global Group, returns to JJRR to talk podcasting, backup singing and polar plunging: what!?  Listen to JJRR 111 as Aya shares how the pandemic surp...

69 min
17 November 2023
JJRR 110 Reinventing events with Greyt Culture - Why Tommy loves soup - with Thomas Fox

#thatsgreyt #greytculture #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #cleveland Thomas Fox is a multi-disciplinary creative whose passion runs through the arts, technology, and entrepreneurship.   Listen to JJRR 110 as Thomas describes how founding Greyt Culture, an arts collecti...

72 min
21 September 2023
JJRR 109 Customer service to tech founder - Augmented reality for connection IRL - UON the app - with Luis Contreras

#augmentedreality #Uonapp #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #socialmedia Luis Contreras has two big passions in life: people and technology.  Since falling in love with customer service as his profession,  Luis has been on a mission to enhance experiences where moments ma...

70 min
21 August 2023
JJRR 108 Re-tourism in Thailand - Guesting on the Bangkok Podcast - New! Magic Mind collab - with JimJim

#bangkokpodcast #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #travel #tourism On this episode the tables turn as JimJim guests on the Bangkok Podcast.  Listen to JJRR 108 as Ed, co-host of the Bangkok Podcast (and JimJim’s longtime friend) and JimJim sit down at the Millenium Hilton in...

57 min
1 August 2023
JJRR 107 Discovering AI in Hollywood - Storytelling with ChatGPT - Power of storytelling IRL - with Richard Rosser

  Richard Rosser is a filmmaker, author, and educator whose passion for helping others communicate through story has led him to exploring business consulting and artificial intelligence.  Listen to JJRR 107 as Richard describes the moment he discovered ChatGPT4 and ho...

61 min
18 July 2023
JJRR 106 What is Angel Investing? - JimJim's AI journey - Venture capital diversity in Israel - with JimJim

#angelinvesting #telaviv #jimjimsreinventionrevolution It’s time to talk angel investing as JimJim shares for the first time his angel investing journey, including insights from his recent trip to Tel Aviv, Israel, the world’s startup nation.  Listen to JJRR 106 as...

42 min
7 June 2023
JJRR 105 The Future of Nursing - Transforming Healthcare - Israel and Innovation - with Melissa Cole

#nursing #innovation #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #israel Melissa Cole is a nurse and visionary leader on a mission to transform healthcare through nursing.  Listen to JJRR 105 as Melissa shares why she left her executive hospital position to lead a new university nur...

57 min
21 April 2023
JJRR 104 Firefighter turned Therapist, Coach and Mentor - Three careers in three years - with Vin Infante

#Vininfante #jimjimsreinventionrevolution #firefighter #lifecoach Vin Infante is a former firefighter who’s passionate about helping others as he develops himself. Listen to JJRR 104 as Vin describes how living out his two childhood dream careers left him wanting and ...

54 min
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