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Jason Hartman In the Hot Seat

Jason Hartman, from, has been podcasting for over a decade. During this time he's been interviewed hundreds of times. Listen in to hear a side of Jason you don't usually get to hear, the side where HE is the guest and HE is the one being grilled.


Last Episode Date: 24 February 2024

Total Episodes: 114

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24 February 2024
113: Real Estate Investing Strategy: Focus on Cash Flow Over Appreciation

Jason gives an interview on the “Dean Rogers Show” as he discusses the economy and real estate market, emphasizing the importance of data-backed insights over sensationalism. Jason presents the concept of inflation-induced debt destruction, highlighting real estate’s u...

38 min
24 January 2024
112: Real Estate Mastery: Jason Hartman on Single Family Strategies and Future Predictions

Jason Hartman discusses the current state of the single family housing market with Ken McElroy. He explains there are three types of markets - linear, cyclical, and hybrid. Linear markets like Memphis and Indianapolis see slow, steady growth. Cyclical markets like LA and Mia...

19 min
24 December 2023
111: 2024 Housing Market Forecast: Why Home Prices Are Set to Soar Despite Challenges

Jason and Bridger talk about the housing market, the economy, and financial trends, noting that millennials and Gen Z are gradually entering it, causing a housing inventory shortage. Despite rising interest rates, the market still faces low inventory levels. The conversation...

39 min
24 November 2023
110: Debunking the Fear Porn- Economic Cycles and Housing Stability

Michael Zuber talks to Jason about the housing market and the potential for a housing crash. Jason provides insights into why a housing crash hasn’t occurred so far, emphasizing the need for millions of distressed sellers as a key ingredient for a crash. He also mentions t...

39 min
28 October 2023
109: Inflation-Induced Debt Destruction: How Real Estate Trumps Traditional Investments

Jason joins Robert Helms and Russell Gray of The Real Estate Guys as they discuss the investment opportunities in single family housing in the real estate market, highlighting its flexibility, universality, and government backing. Jason suggested that investors should follow...

26 min
16 September 2023
108: Real Estate Market Analysis 2023: Why Housing Prices Remain Strong & Resilient

Jason and Will Denis of the Flippin’ SoFlo podcast discuss various aspects of the current real estate market and the impact of interest rates and inflation. They emphasize the importance of looking at data rather than getting caught up in fear-based news and offer insights...

32 min
16 August 2023
107: Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz

Kerry Lutz has been a student of Austrian Economics since 1977. While attending Pace University, he stumbled upon an extensive cache of Austrian Economic Literature in a dark, musty, abandoned section of the school’s library. After graduating from The New York Law School, ...

21 min
15 July 2023
106: Be Wealthy & Smart Podcast with Linda P Jones

Linda P. Jones is empowering women and men worldwide to financial freedom. Known as “America’s Wealth Mentor™”, she shares the savvy wealth building knowledge that 25 years on Wall Street didn’t teach her, that made her a multi-millionaire at age 39. Linda is the h...

19 min
5 June 2023
105: Real Estate Market Crash Imminent? What You Need to Know Before You Invest! Jasper Ribbers

The real estate market is always a hot topic for investors, but with recent fluctuations and uncertainty, many are wondering if a crash is imminent. In this video, we dive into the current state of the market and provide valuable insights and tips for anyone considering inve...

38 min
11 February 2023
104: Real Investing, T.I.N.A., Enemy Within, Massive Housing Shortage, Daniel Kwak

Today, Jason is interviewed by Daniel Kwak. They talk about the current massive housing shortage especially entry-level homes, speculation versus investments, T.I.N.A., having an investors mindset, why income property is the most favored asset class in the world, advice to t...

35 min
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