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Jackson Walker Fast Takes

On each edition of JW Fast Takes, we’ll talk to Jackson Walker attorneys on an emerging topic of interest. We’ll discuss quick, actionable takeaways to help you and your business navigate today’s complex, interconnected landscape. This podcast is made available by Jackson Walker LLP for informational purposes only, does not constitute legal or medical advice, and is not a substitute for legal advice from qualified counsel. Your use of this podcast does not create an attorney-client relationship between you and Jackson Walker.


Last Episode Date: 14 May 2024

Total Episodes: 95

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14 May 2024
Celebrating Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month with Caroline Capili and Tim Dominguez

In celebration of Asian American and Pacific Islander Heritage Month, Houston attorneys Caroline Capili and Tim Dominguez join the Fast Takes podcast to share their journeys, highlighting their Filipino heritage and the firm’s diverse environment. For additional JW Fast T...

7 min
25 March 2024
Celebrating Women's History Month with Retta Miller

In celebration of Women's History Month, Dallas attorney Retta Miller joins the Fast Takes podcast to share her life story and how those experiences have shaped her legal practices. For additional JW Fast Takes podcasts and webinars, visit ⁠⁠⁠⁠⁠

10 min
31 January 2024
Celebrating Black History Month with Austin Yancy & Larry Gibson

In celebration of Black History Month, Houston attorneys Austin Yancy and Larry C. Gibson join the Fast Takes podcast to share their life stories and how those experiences have influenced their legal practices. For additional JW Fast Takes podcasts and webinars, visit ...

9 min
25 January 2024
Requirements for H1B Visa Renewal Pilot Program (feat. Kelly Cobb)

In this episode of Jackson Walker Fast Takes, Business Immigration & Compliance partner Kelly Cobb and host Courtney White discuss the newly established H1B Visa renewal pilot program by the U.S. Department of State. Kelly provides insights into the program, which aims t...

4 min
27 November 2023
Law School Recruiting and Tips for 1Ls (feat. Meghan Pier)

Through our involvement with student organizations, affinity groups, and law school-sponsored events, Jackson Walker meets and connects with first- and second-year law students who are interested in private practice. In this episode, our Director of Associate Recruiting, Meg...

10 min
10 November 2023
Lessons Learned from the US Air Force (feat. Roderick Faulk and Brian Pettis)

In this episode, San Antonio attorneys Roderick Faulk and Brian Pettis discuss their military service and the profound impact the U.S. Air Force has had on shaping their legal careers, as well as how they are using their experience to help fellow veteran business owners succ...

9 min
10 October 2023
Honoring Hispanic Heritage Month (ft. Josué Galván)

In celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, San Antonio attorney Josué Galván joins the Fast Takes podcast to share his family's story and how his experiences have shaped his legal practice at Jackson Walker. For additional JW Fast Takes podcasts and webinars, vi...

6 min
29 September 2023
Guardianship 101

In this episode, Kathleen Tanner Beduze walks through the different types of guardianships, how they work, and what people can do today—when they are healthy—to avoid having others decide who will have power over their medical or financial decisions. For additional JW ...

7 min
18 September 2023
Emojis, Generations, and the Law

In this episode, Baker Howry and Shannon Wright cover the rise of emojis, texts, and other modern modes of communication within the workplace and how these new communication styles are being interpreted by the courts. Related Insights: What's in an Emoji? How Generation...

9 min
9 August 2023
Cosmetics Regulations Get a Facelift

Congress in late 2022 largely expanded the U.S. Food and Drug Administration's authority to regulate cosmetics companies. In this episode, Jackson Walker healthcare attorney Nick Diamond discusses key provisions of the Modernization of Cosmetics Regulation Act and what ...

7 min
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