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It’s Your Money

In an ever-more volatile world of savings and investments, it pays to stay calm and take the long view. In a bite-sized weekly podcast for the Maher Brownsword family and friends, ANDY MAHER explains what's going on in the markets, how best to view these uncertain times, and where to find the best value for your future investments. Andy is in conversation with journalist and podcast producer Andrew Harrison, a long-time Maher Brownsword client. It's Your Money is a Podmasters Production for Maher Brownsword.

Last Episode Date: 25 April 2024

Total Episodes: 46

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25 April 2024
Staying on course in a wild world: Meet the Manager live in Stratford

Where are interest rates going? What will the troubles in Ukraine and the Middle East mean for investors? How do you de-risk your retirement portfolio in an increasingly risky world? And how much is “enough”? Fund picker and investment manager Mark Preskett of Morningsta...

36 min
5 April 2024
What’s causing the pension gap for women?

You’ve heard of the pay gap for women. But what about the gender wealth and pension gap? It’s not just down to unfair pay rates. When women leave work to have children or care for family members, they interrupt their pension and savings contributions – with major cons...

24 min
27 February 2024
Scribble-Down Economics

Finance guru Carl Richards makes complex financial ideas simple with his Sketch Guy cartoons and his Behavior Gap newsletter. He joins Andy Maher to explain easy ways to make financial thinking manageable… and how everything makes more sense when you draw it on a napkin. ...

27 min
30 January 2024
Live in London! Your questions answered

How much do you need to retire? What’s happening next with inflation? What do the markets think of a Labour government? Mike Coop of Morningstar and Andy Maher of MBS answer your questions at our Meet The Manager event at the Dean Swift pub in London on Jan 24. Music: ‘...

26 min
5 January 2024
2024: What’s in store for the economy?

Time for a fresh start after a turbulent year? Mike Coop of analysts Morningstar joins Andy Maher to look at the year ahead, from the prospects on inflation and interest rates to what it all means for savings and investors. Music: ‘Hold For Corporate’ licensed from pre...

26 min
8 December 2023
The 2023 Review – What we learned this year

Let’s end the year on a positive note. Andy Maher takes us through what we learned in a turbulent 2023, from inflation finally turning the corner to our experts’ smart techniques that will help you take mastery over your money in 2024. Music: ‘Hold For Corporate’ li...

24 min
3 November 2023
Ep.40: Three magic numbers to rule your finances

What if we told you that you could reduce all the headaches of savings, investment, debt and living expenses to just three simple numbers? And that they could help you take control of your financial future. Consumer psychologist and behavioural economist Sarah Newcomb explai...

24 min
31 August 2023
Ep.39: Why investing is a marathon not a sprint

How do you concentrate on your investing goals when the world is full of noise and chaos? How do you even set those goals in the first place? Find out how to stay on track – and the hidden reasons why we really make decisions – with special guest Ryan Murphy, Head of B...

23 min
7 July 2023
Ep.38: Stock market recoveries and “A.I. euphoria”

Where is the stock market heading after the COVID/Ukraine/Energy/Brexit quadruple whammy? How should investors best handle the new trends? And is there an Artificial Intelligence bubble on the horizon as institutions pile in to the new tech sector? Andy Maher and special gue...

24 min
3 June 2023
Ep.37: Income protection explained

How would you pay your bills if you suddenly couldn’t work? Income Protection Insurance AKA Permanent Health Insurance could help. Andy Maher plus special guest Richard Bradley of LV look at what could be the most valuable insurance you ever take out.  Music: ‘Hold For...

21 min
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