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Island Influencers

Welcome to Island Influencers, where we share stories of successful business owners, experienced professionals, entrepreneurs and community leaders based or with influence in the Isle of Man. This podcast is brought to you by Thornton Chartered Financial Planners, because great Financial Planning has the power to change your life.


Last Episode Date: 15 May 2024

Total Episodes: 114

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15 May 2024
Island Influencer Carol Ann Kinley-Smith

In this latest episode, I'm excited to welcome Island Influencer Carol Ann Kinley-Smith, an extraordinary force in criminology, forensic science, and investigative security. Carol Ann is committed to leveraging her diverse experiences to enrich society. She brings a wealth o...

59 min
1 May 2024
Island Influencer Sarah Mercer

In this latest episode of Island Influencers, I delve into Sarah Mercer, co-founder of Earthscope’s remarkable story. Originally from Liverpool, Sarah moved to the Isle of Man at age two, shaping her childhood along the island's shores and landscapes. Her academic pursuits...

66 min
3 April 2024
Island Influencer Boakesey Closs, the IXth Manx Bard

This week’s Island Influencer’s life story is nothing short of jaw-dropping. I am only scratching the surface with this introduction. Boakesey Closs, the IXth Manx Bard, embodies resilience in every word she weaves. Born amidst unexpected circumstances in London during h...

56 min
20 March 2024
Sinead O’Connor, Head of the Regulatory and Compliance Services team at DQ Advocates, Isle of Man

The wonderful Sinead O’Connor is my 108th Island Influencer, and she heads the Regulatory and Compliance Services team at DQ Advocates, based in the Isle of Man. Sinead is a seasoned professional in the compliance sphere, with a career spanning back to the mid-1990s. Howe...

49 min
6 March 2024
Island Influencer Fiona Fitzpatrick

Welcome to episode 107 of Island Influencers! Chatting with Fiona Fitzpatrick, an esteemed International Business Development Consultant, Coach, Facilitator, and Speaker is my absolute privilege. With a wealth of experience, Fiona specialises in empowering food companies to ...

64 min
21 February 2024
Personal Trainer and Entrepreneur Juan Cheung, Island Influencer

Join me this week as I chat with Personal Trainer Juan Cheung. Juan's story is deeply rooted in the Isle of Man; he was born in Douglas. Growing up, his parents ran a successful local Chinese takeaway, instilling a solid work ethic and a sense of achievement in him. From his...

46 min
7 February 2024
Island Influencer Andrea Chambers

This week's Island Influencers conversation is rich with insight and a heartfelt warmth that is undoubtedly going to resonate. I welcome Andrea Chambers, Chief Executive Officer at Isle Listen and Minds Matter. Andrea, a proud Manx native, shares her journey from nursing, i...

41 min
24 January 2024
Island Influencer Jeroen Wats

Welcome to Episode 104 of Island Influencers!  Today, we delve into the captivating life story of Jeroen Wats, a remarkable Island Influencer and inventor whose lifelong passion for the sea has shaped his life.  Learn about his pivotal moment in 2003, when his team won the...

40 min
10 January 2024
Island Influencer Lianne Gregory

Welcome, and Happy New Year! To kick off season 5 of Island Influencers, I delve into Lianne Gregory's life story, a native of Laxey on the Isle of Man who has carved a unique path in health and fitness. Lianne is the sole instructor on the island to teach the original Jos...

38 min
13 December 2023
Island Influencer Catriona Mackie

My Island Influencer this week, Catriona Mackie, boasts an extraordinary professional and personal life story so compelling that it spans four remarkable pages on her CV! Hailing from the south of Glasgow, Catriona is a passionate social historian interested in material cult...

61 min
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