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Investing in Growth & Change

The Alger Podcast features Alger Investment Professionals and Industry Experts, giving timely market and sector updates. For more information, visit:


Last Episode Date: 8 May 2024

Total Episodes: 31

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8 May 2024
Investing in AI Enablers and Adopters

"AI represents a massive TAM. If you can replace or significantly enhance the productivity of labor, a $30-40 trillion market, that is a massive TAM. And even a fraction of that market is still a significant TAM." Portfolio Manager Patrick Kelly discusses the recent launch o...

15 min
11 April 2024
A Recipe for Investing in Wingstop

"We think Wingstop is a category leader with a strong moat. That combination of strong same-store growth, durable unit growth and asset-light franchise model really exemplifies what we look for in Small Cap Focus." Alger Small Cap Focus Portfolio Manager Amy Zhang discusses ...

15 min
1 February 2024
The Skinny on GLP-1 Investing

"Forty percent of the U.S. population are technically obese and over ten percent are severely obese. So, we think a lot of the excitement is that, wow, we could apply these therapies to tens of millions of people." Alger Senior Healthcare Analyst, Keye Chow and Associate Ana...

15 min
10 January 2024
Watching Mid Caps Grow Up

"Within the mid cap space, some pretty significant macro headwinds are becoming tailwinds. We believe that this has created significant opportunity in the mid cap space, and possibly the biggest mid cap growth discounts that we've seen in decades." Alger Mid Cap 40 ETF Portf...

13 min
29 September 2023
The Marriage of Growth & Dividends

"People forget about the compounding aspect of dividends. But over the past fifty years, approaching 75% of the S&P 500 return is from reinvesting those dividends back into the index and getting that compounding element." Alger Growth & Income Portfolio Manager Greg ...

16 min
13 July 2023
The Right Mix of Mid Caps

"Profitability and consistency of revenue has been very important to us. We like to play with a top three player. We don’t want to necessarily participate in a languishing asset." Alger Mid Cap Growth Portfolio Manager Brandon Geisler discusses portfolio construction and w...

15 min
7 June 2023
Tipping Point: The Evolution of Cashless Payments

"Post-Covid, the digitization of cash and contactless interactions has accelerated. Today's POS systems can collect and track data that helps a clothing store operate their loyalty program, a restaurant track reservations, or a bike shop manage its inventory." Alger Senior A...

15 min
27 April 2023
The AI Inflection Point

"We think Generative AI is potentially one of the biggest technology shifts in history. We believe it will create winners and losers across sectors, and become table stakes in many sectors in order to successfully compete." Head of Alger Capital Appreciation and Spectra Stra...

18 min
12 April 2023
Banking Turmoil and Opportunities

"We believe there may be more banks that fail in the coming months due to deposit runs and asset/liability mismatches. However, it should be noted we believe this banking crisis is completely different from the Great Financial Crisis of ’08-’09." Alger Dynamic Opportunit...

15 min
22 March 2023
Post-Pandemic: Keep on Truckin'

"Coming through the pandemic, we've suddenly seen the supply chain crunch that hit the transportation industry really ease. And we think that's an area ripe for potential investment." Weatherbie Enduring Growth Portfolio Manager, Josh Bennett, CFA, discusses unheralded oppo...

15 min
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