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Instruction Interruption: Season 4

Instruction Interruption highlights the stories of New Mexico educators, while also serving as a community space to share knowledge, ideas, create connections, and spark innovation. It is hosted by the 2024 New Mexico Teacher of the Year, Roy Basa. Instruction Interruption is sponsored by the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association and is produced in collaboration with the New Mexico Public Education Department.


Last Episode Date: 11 January 2024

Total Episodes: 23

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11 January 2024
Helping Students Thrive with Zach Taylor, Center of Transforming Education

32 min
19 April 2023
Passing of the Torch

24 min
15 February 2022
Alternative Pathways

2022 New Mexico Teacher of the Year Lorynn Guerrero kicks off Season 3 as the new host. She sits down with two charter school leaders to talk about how we can meet the needs of all of our students no matter their circumstances. Lorynn will focus her year of advocacy on findi...

34 min
3 February 2022
Bueno Bye! From 2021 TOY Alisa Cooper de Uribe

Bearded dragons! Butterflies! In this episode, Alisa Cooper de Uribe closes out Season 2 with reflections on the year and a call to action for connection, advocacy, and practicing hope. 

18 min
22 December 2021
Lorynn Guerrero, 2022 NM Teacher of the Year

Lorynn Guerrero, the 2022 New Mexico Teacher of the Year,  is an English Language Arts and GRADS teacher at The New America School, a public charter high school in Las Cruces. Drawn to the school’s mission to empower immigrants, emerging bilinguals, and academically under...

42 min
27 October 2021
N.M. Teacher Leader Aimee Parra

Aimee Parra was an elementary school educator, teaching kindergarten at Mesilla Elementary in Las Cruces Public Schools, and since the recording of this episode, has stepped into the role of Teach Plus New Mexico Teacher Network Coordinator. With a background in dance as wel...

37 min
22 September 2021
Community Leader: Gloria Ruiz

Gloria Ruiz is the Director of Community Affairs at the New Mexico Oil and Gas Association (NMOGA). With a background in elementary education, Gloria has taken her studies to the leadership level in myriad capacities. In her previous work at the Public Education Department...

29 min
24 June 2021
Rep. Andrés Romero, Education Leader

In 2014, G. Andrés Romero was elected to the New Mexico House of Representatives for District 10, and currently serves as Chair of the House Education Committee.  Representative Romero shares how his family background in education and political engagement played a role in...

33 min
7 May 2021
N.M. Teacher Leader Otilio Ruiz

Welcome to our first episode in Spanish! Otilio Ruiz is at the forefront of connecting whole-child learning with language immersion education. Originally from the state of Veracruz, Mexico, Maestro Ruiz studied both music and education. Arriving in Albuquerque as a musician,...

41 min
12 March 2021
Teacher Leader Mary Jean Habermann Lopez

Mary Jean Habermann López has been a key player in uplifting the field of bilingual education in New Mexico. Her experience as a bilingual classroom teacher, school administrator, college professor, and director of bilingual education for New Mexico at the state and federal...

34 min
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