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Inspired Marketing

Real experiences and inspirational stories of marketing leaders that are transforming their organization using the Oracle Marketing Cloud.

Last Episode Date: 6 May 2024

Total Episodes: 91

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6 May 2024
Inspired Marketing: AT&T's Sangeeta Nayak's on How to Prepare for Setbacks as You Prepare for Success

Sangeeta Nayak is a MarTech Leader and CDP Product Owner at AT&T. Recently, Sangeeta undertook a CDP initiative to better enhance and streamline AT&T’s leads with Eloqua. She shares her journey, her results, and what she wishes she could re-do if given the chance t...

26 min
19 February 2024
Inspired Marketing: Maximizing Marketing Impact: How Eloqua Drives Revenue and Engagement in Sports

Dive into the world of sports marketing with Michaela Patt, the Marketing Automation Manager at Paciolan, Kaisha Excell, the Email Marketing Manager at the University of Notre Dame, and Gabe Merville, the Analytics and Strategy Coordinator at LSU Athletics, as they discuss t...

47 min
22 January 2024
Inspired Marketing: Oracle's Stephen Streich on the Evolution Of Customer Data Platforms And The Impact Of Generative AI

Stephen Streich is the Group Vice President of Product Management for Oracle Marketing. He brings over two decades of expertise in martech, adtech, and customer experience software. Known for his role in the successful IPO of Eloqua and its integration into Oracle Marketing ...

35 min
4 December 2023
Inspired Marketing: PathFactory’s Christine Polewarczyk on Crafting the Ultimate AI Roadmap for Marketers

Christine Polewarczyk is the Senior Vice President of Product Marketing and Research at PathFactory. Prior to PathFactory, Christine was the Vice President and Research Director of Content Strategy and Operations at Forrester. In this episode, Christine delves into the evolv...

29 min
13 November 2023
Inspired Marketing: iHeartMedia’s Jake Dworkis on Internally Amplifying the Impact and Helpfulness of Marketing

Jake Dworkis is a seasoned marketing professional currently serving as the Vice President of B2B Marketing at iHeartMedia, a leading global media and entertainment company. Based in New York, Jake is instrumental in shaping and executing innovative marketing strategies that ...

17 min
30 October 2023
Inspired Marketing: Cornerstone Building Brands' Erin Hopple on Building an Automation Process for Client Alerts

Erin Hopple is the Digital Marketing Manager at Cornerstone Building Brands. She has extensive experience in leading innovative lead generation and digital marketing campaigns. With a focus on understanding customer journeys and buying behaviors, Erin excels in implementing ...

23 min
7 August 2023
Inspired Marketing: Hibu’s Antoinette Ward on Executing a Successful Digital Marketing Strategy

Antoinette Ward, AVP Marketing Strategy & Delivery at Hibu, has over 20 years of marketing experience and works with her collective team to improve organic traffic, keyword ranking, SEO lead traffic, and more. In this episode, Antoinette shares how to balance both the sc...

24 min
8 June 2022
Inspired Marketing: Paciolan’s Craig Ricks and Kyle Murphy on Consolidating Their Marketing Automation Efforts

Craig Ricks and Kyle Murphy both work for Paciolan, a white-label solution provider for college sports tickets. Craig is the Chief Marketing Officer and Kyle is the Director of Marketing Automation and they both detail their experience with consolidating their marketing data...

36 min
28 March 2022
Inspired Marketing: Cognex’s Kris Gormley on Getting The Right Tools For Your Process

Kris Gormley is the former Senior Program Manager of Marketing Automation at Cognex. Today, Scott and Kris talk about getting the data right by seizing opportunities and how to find the right tool that works for you. Kris shares her journey with Eloqua and Salesforce and how...

29 min
13 October 2021
Inspired Marketing: Ricoh’s Matt Waters on Consolidating Technologies and Business Processes

Matt Waters is the Director of Marketing Operations and Media at Ricoh. When Matt first joined the company, there were a lot of different systems and CRM platforms being utilized throughout his department. It was his team’s mission to consolidate these different technologi...

25 min
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