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Inspire & Impact At Mount Jubilee Ministries

Inspire & Impact at Mount Jubilee Ministries is a show focused on current Mount Jubilee Ministries (MJM) news, keeping our donors, community, and staff up to date on how God continues to provide for the ministry. 

Mount Jubilee Ministries is a Christ-centered nonprofit on a mission to change the way the world views adults with intellectual and/or developmental disabilities by providing dynamic opportunities for community in the Piedmont of North Carolina and beyond. 

To learn more about Mount Jubilee Ministries, visit:



Last Episode Date: 22 March 2024

Total Episodes: 1

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22 March 2024
EP# 1 Inspire & Impact At Mount Jubilee Ministries

EP# 1 Inspire & Impact At Mount Jubilee MinistriesIn Episode #1 of Inspire & Impact At Mount Jubilee Ministries, Executive Director Jessie Meador sits down with Cecil Cottrell, Director of Resource Development, to discuss the history of Mount Jubilee Ministries and t...

27 min
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