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Insight with HReSource

Our aim is to better understand the roles and experience of successful individuals in a variety of fields to help those who lead and manage companies improve their own and others productivity and performance. Honest, open, insightful and entertaining conversations with business leaders, entrepreneurs, highly regarded broadcasters and acknowledged specialists in their fields. An ideal podcast for those seeking inspiration, ideas, reassurance or simply a better understanding of our guest's experiences.


Last Episode Date: 10 April 2024

Total Episodes: 47

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10 April 2024
Glowing Up With Attitude - Morgan Defre

Morgan Defre is not your typical passionate Frenchman, the fact is, what these days would be "typical"?  He's an artist, one who cares deeply about those he works with and who believes it's important to find your passion in life and live it. Just be grateful I didn't take M...

47 min
14 November 2023
[Pod Peek - Trailer] Leading by Example - Dr James Cusack

A brief 2 minute peek into the wonderful conversation with Dr James Cusack - Full Episode - Episode 2 of series 7. Bio – Dr James Cusack, CEO - ⁠Autistica⁠ In 2015 James became the national autism charity, ⁠Autistica’s, ⁠Director of Science. During this time, h...

2 min
14 November 2023
Leading by Example - Dr James Cusack

Bio – Dr James Cusack, CEO - Autistica In 2015 James became the national autism charity, Autistica’s, Director of Science. During this time, he has been at the heart of the charity’s growth and impact, including devising and overseeing its national research network; i...

46 min
11 September 2023
100% Fluff-Free, Equity Diversity & Inclusion with Sue Johnson

Series 7 (Leadership) - Episode 1. 100% Fluff-Free ED&I Sue Johnson Our guest, Sue Johnson, has had a fascinating and very successful career, from the shop floor, and supply chain to becoming a leading voice in all matters concerning diversity and inclusion.  She’s w...

61 min
8 September 2023
100% Fluff Free - Sue Johnson on Equity Diversity & Inclusion - Pod Peek Trailer

Get a flavour of our fabulous chat with Sue Johnson, covering key aspects and the importance of introducing an effective Equity Diversity and Inclusion strategy within your business. Full episode release date - 11th September. ·      Early Years & Influences ...

3 min
14 June 2023
Risk, Recovery and Lessons - Life After Covid with Sarah Daniels

In this special episode we meet hugely experienced and successful business owner and Health & Safety Consultant Sarah Daniels. Sarah appeared as one of our contributors to offer thoughts on the HReSource survey and our conversation proved one that deserved airing in ful...

40 min
2 June 2023
The HReSource Survey 2023 - Revealing Insights from UK Business Owners, Directors & HR Specialists

This video features three individuals who have reviewed this years survey and work directly with HR teams across the UK. Each provides a view on key aspects of the findings. Innes Clark - Head of Employment at Morton Fraser Lucy Cotterell - HR Consultant at Mogers Drewett ...

44 min
30 January 2023
Unbelievable with Ian Dench

In this episode of Insight we meet someone I’ve not seen, in the flesh, for over 40 years. We were at school together, a Grammar school in Gloucester of which he is now rightly regarded as one their high achiever alumni. After exams one of us formed a punk then indie band,...

54 min
30 January 2023
POD PEEK - Unbelievable with Ian Dench

POD PEEK - Extracts from the full 50 minute podcast Bio – Ian Dench Ian Dench is a highly successful and critically acclaimed musician and songwriter. He originally found fame as the guitarist and primary songwriter for the electronic rock band EMF, best known for their 19...

2 min
17 January 2023
There is Nothing For You Here - Dr. Fiona Hill

In this episode, we meet a guest whose career is one that can only leave us, mere mortals, in awe.  A stellar career made all the more remarkable for our guest’s very humble yet wonderfully grounded starting point. Dr Fiona Hill worked as an intelligence analyst for G...

65 min
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