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Influence Today With Chet Tart and Terry Lyles

What Influences all of us daily. Is it good or bad? How does it affect us? Environment, People, Friends, Media Overcoming Stress Leadership training Employee engagement Fitness


Last Episode Date: 28 February 2024

Total Episodes: 59

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28 February 2024
Creating A Competitive Advantage

Think you know your company's competitive advantage? - Think Again. Influence Today with Chet Tart and Terry Lyles  Guest Jaynie Smith Keynote Speaker/CEO at Smart Advantage, Inc. | Vistage Chair Emeritus/Speaker, Competitive Advantage Expert | Best Selling Author

24 min
4 February 2024
Why a Visatge Peer Group is important to stay fresh

The concept of a Visatge peer group being likened to an informal "Kitchen Cabinet" is rooted in the idea of having a trusted group of peers with whom one can openly discuss and tackle issues, opportunities, and stress. Just as a kitchen cabinet holds essential tools and ingr...

25 min
30 January 2024
Influence Today Chet Tart, Dr. Terry Lyles & Dr. Ginger Decker

Real Health Educator, Clean Health & Beauty Product Formulator, Author, International Speaker, featured on Dr. Oz Show, WebMD and major networks   Watch what you buy that goes in your body. Avoid machine made food.

27 min
30 January 2024
Steven Bowen Becoming Invaluable

Influence today with Chet Tart and Terry Lyles Becoming Invaluable: Develop the Willitude to Navigotiate life - One of the common characteristics of the  nine individuals in our spotlighted in a view that “Failure is not an Option.” We all fail at times, so the questio...

28 min
28 July 2021
Influence Today - Insight as to why Simone Biles withdrew from the Olymics

An in-depth discussion with Dr. Terry Lyles author of Performance Under Pressure concerning  Simone Biles withdrawal from the Olympics. What caused that decision?

24 min
8 August 2020
Influence Today with Marc Nudleberg

Marc Nudelberg President of On the Ball Ventures   On the Ball's mission is to build a sales culture that utilizes modern sports tactics to increase new business development and to help companies evolve in the digital era. Marc Nudelberg, a former college football coach, of...

31 min
31 July 2020
Influence Today with George and Stanley Labovitz

Stanley and George Labovitz - books include - The Power of Alignment: How Great Companies Stay Centered and Accomplish Extraordinary Things. - Back from the Brink: A Framework for Leaders in Times of Disruption  Alignment is the heart and soul of your company.  

22 min
19 June 2020
Influence Today with Tim Kight Focus 3

The R Factor is the cornerstone system, you've heard it as E + R = O. Simplistically it means Event + Response = Outcome and by managing your Response you can influence the outcome of the event. Trust, Behaviors, character, excellence, repeating what we do - daily produces r...

28 min
10 June 2020
Influence Today with Taylor Morgan

What happens now with Restaurants?  What are the new trends?

33 min
31 May 2020
Influence Today with Dr. John Li

Dr. Li is quite active in the academic side of otology and neurotology. What Dr. Li noticed in hospitals and airplanes

17 min
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