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Inbound Logistics Podcast: Supply Chain Reactions

The Inbound Logistics Podcast provides the most relevant and topical information from the third-party logistics and supply chain management world as presented by the most influential thought leaders in the industry. (logistics, supply chain, cargo, freight, transportation, education)

Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 169

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16 May 2024
Nearshoring Series: Supply Chain Partners Lead the Way in Mexico - Diego Anchustegui, President of AMTI

SPECIAL INBOUND LOGISTICS NEARSHORING SERIES: This is the first in a series of Nearshoring episodes as we talk to supply chain partners in Mexico as they develop nearshoring operations throughout the country. Guest: Diego Anchustegui, President of AMTI. FOR MORE INFORMATION:...

24 min
24 April 2024
Navigating the Changing Landscape of Transportation: Insights from Loadsmart - Guest: George Swartz

SPECIAL INBOUND LOGISTICS VIDEO PODCAST SERIES: Today we are looking at the dynamic and sometimes volatile landscape of transportation and how companies can keep up with the changes. Joining us is George Swartz, Vice President of Shipper Solutions for Loadsmart. FOR MORE INF...

23 min
22 March 2024
Keeping It In the Family: A Changing of the Guard at Ward Transport & Logistics

In 1931 with one truck and two guys, W.W. Ward started what has become a full catalog of logistics solutions that is Ward Transport and Logistics. 92 years later and still family-owned and operated, Bill T. Ward Sr. steps into retirement and hands the reigns to Bill Ward Jr....

17 min
18 March 2024
Modern Transportation Systems in a Connected Economy - Guest: Dr. Haitao Li, University of Missouri-St.Louis

As business operations have become more and more connected, consumer expectations have evolved which in turn has altered the supply chain transportation landscape. Today’s modern transportation system incorporates new technology, automation, and data-driven logistics which...

29 min
8 March 2024
Innovation in Motion: ProTrans & ClearFlame Partner for a Greener Future

SPECIAL INBOUND LOGISTICS VIDEO PODCAST SERIES: Today we are looking at some innovations in the industry that will hopefully move us all towards greener and cleaner pastures. Joining us are Eric Crouse and Daryl Knight of ProTrans International and BJ Johnson of ClearFlame E...

23 min
1 March 2024
Made to Move: A Supply Chain and Manufacturing Podcast with Joe Hinrichs, President & CEO of CSX and Wes Norris, SVP of Sales for Xometry

SPECIAL INBOUND LOGISTICS VIDEO PODCAST SERIES: Today we are looking at the top trends in manufacturing and supply chain for 2024. Joining us are Joe Hinrichs, President and CEO of CSX and Wes Norris, Senior Vice President of Sales for Xometry. FOR MORE INFORMATION: CSX: htt...

37 min
22 February 2024
Propane Energy: Is It the Fuel of the Future Today? Guest: Tucker Perkins, President, CEO, Propane Education & Research Council

Propane is familiar to weekend campers or backyard grill masters but that’s just a very small part of the many applications that propane is used for. Industries from sports to material handling are implementing propane for its many benefits and cost savings. How much does ...

28 min
1 February 2024
Dedicated Transportation Solutions: Is Your Company “Dedicated” to Success? Guest: John Bozec, Senior Vice President, General Manager of Truckload and Mexico, Schneider

As the “boom and echo” effect of the pandemic continues to permanently reshape the industry, companies have delved into business strategies that include initiatives like nearshoring, managing regulations, and sustainability efforts. Schneider believes these strategies ca...

18 min
27 December 2023
The State of Trucking - Guest: Dan Van Alstine, President and COO of Ruan

Fresh off his stint as Chairman of the American Trucking Association Dan Van Alstine, President and Chief Operating Officer of Ruan returns to update us on his time with the ATA, policies he championed, people that he met and an overview of the ways the industry has changed ...

18 min
27 December 2023
EPA Trucking Regulations: A Green Win or a Red Flag? Guest: Michael Kucharski, JKC Trucking

SPECIAL INBOUND LOGISTICS VIDEO PODCAST SERIES: Ongoing regulations aimed at curbing emissions and promoting sustainability in the transportation sector are having a huge impact on the trucking industry. In this Inbound Logistics Videocast, Mike Kucharski of JKC Trucking sha...

18 min
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