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In The Green with Invstr

A weekly podcast about investing. Join us as we chat with the top investors from the Invstr community and get their insights for how you can crush your investing goals and get in the green.


Last Episode Date: 29 January 2024

Total Episodes: 110

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29 January 2024
Investing in Bitcoin ETFs - learn from Franklin Templeton's Experts

Join us to hear why investing in Bitcoin ETF's is all the rage. Get the insights with one of world's largest asset managers, Franklin Templeton, and their experts on ETF's and Digital Assets, David Mann, and Sandy Kaul. They launched their spot Bitcoin ETF in January and exp...

28 min
8 September 2023
In The Green with fellow Invstr Rayaan Waris

Please join us this week to hear what fellow Invstr Rayaan Waris has to say about his journey into investing. From CashClub, to Invstr, AI and inflation, Rayaan opens up. Active in AI projects, he shares his insights on the hot sector and why passive investing is important!

12 min
30 August 2023
Join Boston College Student John Coughlin with his Take on AI and Investing Young

Nora Lee interviews Boston College student and Invstr John Coughlin on his early start in investing and where he finds his opportunities in the market. Known as the famous economist Adam Smith on the Invstr app, he has a strong following! Join us to hear his views on markets...

14 min
15 June 2023
Tune in with reality star turn Invstr - Zach Esters

This week on In The Green, Zach Esters shares his journey from Mississippi to reality star, influencer and Invstr! Learn about his must reads, Invstr Academy and Wallstreet Survivor, and the investing rules he lives by. Bigger plans than just making money, Zach wants to give...

24 min
2 March 2023
In the Green with Sarah from Gloss x Goodbody Investment Club

To kick off Woman's History Month, Nora Lee spoke with Sarah Moriarty from Gloss x Goodbody’s Women’s investing club! This podcast is hosted by

11 min
20 February 2023
In the Green with Super Invstr Thomas Quinlan

This week Nora Lee spoke with long time Super Invstr Thomas Quinlan. He learned the investing ropes on Fantasy Finance, and uses Invstr to find dividend stocks and some high risk stocks poised for a break out. Tune in to hear his views on the economy, how his strategy is per...

19 min
24 January 2023
Shivam talks investing as a UT college student!

Invstr In The Green is back in 2023! Tune in with our former CashClub Founder and now University of Texas college student Shivam Siddaiya. Get his take on the economy, markets, and crypto from the infamous Austin campus of UT. Reach out to us if you would like to be profiled...

18 min
4 March 2022
In The Green with Commodity Guru Kevin Rich

Today Nora Lee speaks with Kevin Rich, former Deutsche Bank CEO of the Commodities business and current President of the Invstr US entity. Kevin talks about the commodities rise given the invasion of the Ukraine and retreat to safe haven assets like gold. Tune in to get his ...

19 min
14 January 2022
In The Green with Invstr CEO Kerim Derhalli

Today Nora Lee interviews Invstr Founder and CEO, Kerim Derhalli. He shares his thoughts on the markets, inflation trends, and why diversification will be more important than ever. Tune to discover the latest product developments at Invstr, and the upcoming custodial account...

15 min
14 December 2021
In The Green with Retired Hedge Fund Manager and Invstr Nicolas Beckmann

This week Nora Lee interviews seasoned investor and retired hedge fund manager Nicolas Beckmann. He shares his macro approach to the markets, his belief in conviction and why he first checks the news before looking at market prices. Learn from his successful experience in th...

15 min
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