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House Hacking Success

Welcome to the House Hacking Success podcast where you'll learn the path to free rent and financial freedom through real estate.

Last Episode Date: 4 January 2024

Total Episodes: 71

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4 January 2024
71. The New 5% Down Loan for Multi-Family, Acquiring a 10-unit Property, and Dealing with Inherited Tenants

Join us as we share the exhilarating journey of acquiring our recent 10-unit property. We reveal how our steadfast reputation played a pivotal role in securing this deal, and also discuss the enticing benefits of house hacking. By offering insights into the low entry barrier...

26 min
17 August 2023
70. House Hacking Tax Secrets and Investment Wisdom with Cody Goldsworthy

Ever wanted to know how taxes work with house hacking? Well, you're in luck, as we've got the successful real estate investor and CPA, Cody Goldsworthy, with us, ready to spill all the beans! From his humble beginnings with a summer job to becoming a seasoned pro i...

50 min
15 December 2022
69. How to Get Tax Free Money When Even the Banks Won’t Loan to You! with Mike Raths

In this episode we brought on Mike Raths (@TaxFreeMike) to talk about cash value insurance and other topics such as:Being able to get a loan against your policy even when lenders are loaning moneyUsing your policy to buy real estate so you can have more propertiesWhy we are ...

52 min
28 July 2022
68. Buying a Second House Hack! with Brandon Chidester

Welcome back to Brandon Chidester! He just bought his second house hack and gives us all the details in this episode. Topics cover: Buying a second house hackQualifying for a second mortgageHow to manage a single family house hackHow to turn your first house hack into a cas...

56 min
24 March 2022
67. Drinking the Real Estate Kool-Aid with Chad Carson

In this episode Chad Carson and Bradley Labrie talk about being all in on real estate and really loving it. Topics covered in this episode:The current state of the economyFinding a great real estate agentAnalyzing markets and propertiesLooking at real estate investing long t...

69 min
19 March 2022
The Advantages of Using a Real Estate Agent Who Invests (Podcast 67 Clip)

This clip is from Podcast 67 coming out next Thursday! It's about finding a real estate agent who invests because of the advantages it will bring you in your house hacking and investing journey. Real estate agents that invest in the area see things differently than an a...

5 min
18 November 2021
66. Nigerian Immigrant House Hacking to Prepare for Retirement with Odafe Jeroh

Inflation is a silent thief that will destroy your retirement. The moment you think you have enough money and inflation strikes, you'll be back for some sidelines or work to supplement your retirement money.The best counter to inflation is real estate. And the best way ...

33 min
21 October 2021
64. How to Manage Properties Long Distance - Avery Heilbron

Avery Heilbron always had an interest in reading books especially business books and finance books. He graduated from college in May 2018 with no prior knowledge of house hacking. Three months after graduation, he learned about house hacking and became a house hacker in less...

38 min
30 September 2021
63. Will the Market Slow Down with Bradley LaBrie and Drew Klingler

The market is changing in a lot of ways. You need to see it quickly in order to prepare and adjust your game plan.The housing and rental trend can change according to various factors, which could be advantageous to you or not.Be ahead of the curve and take as much benefit as...

26 min
19 August 2021
62. House Hacking Builds The Foundation For Success - Bradley and Drew

House hacking is not the end-game, it's just your means to get to that end goal of becoming financially free and being able to do whatever it is that you want. It is the first step in laying the foundation for that end state.If you want to house hack or want to achieve ...

31 min
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