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Hot Mess To Great Success

Take your business and parts of your life from a hot mess to success.


Last Episode Date: 10 June 2024

Total Episodes: 30

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10 June 2024
Episode 31: Just Go For It! ~ Horrors of AI ~ Why Won’t She Just Leave Him?

What the full episode here: Today's Topics:  He's Such a Jerk!  Why Doesn't She Just Leave Him? Stop Using AI In Your Content. Just GO FOR IT already! Sponsor: Your Social Media Hour, is a full-service blogging and social media course followed by daily support...

17 min
2 January 2024
Episode 30: Who is at Your Table ~ Not Getting What You Want ~ Stop Posting Garbage on Social Media

Welcome to Episode 30 of the podcast Hot Mess to Great Success!  Today's sponsor:  Your Social Media Hour    which provides you and your team with ALL of the information you need to build a blog as well as a strategic. This podcast episode sh...

17 min
17 October 2023
Episode 28: Boundaries, ChatGPT, Overwhelm

16 min
9 October 2023
Episode 27: Domestic Violence Awareness – What October Means to Me

14 min
29 September 2023
Episode 26: Self-Publishing on Amazon ~ SEO ~ Losing Weight

19 min
8 September 2023
25: My Book on Domestic Violence; Your Social Media Hour; 12 Week Year

12 min
26 July 2023
Episode 24: Levers, Mean Girls, Obnoxious Questions

Today's Sponsor:  Your Social Media Hour. :    In this podcast episode, Dr. Jennifer Gardella discusses three main topics: 12 Levers: She talks about the concept of the "12 levers," which are habits or activities that can have a significant positive impact on one's...

15 min
13 March 2023
Episode 23: Exluding

Its bad enough when someone excludes you. But you sit around and realize that others stoked the fire of exclusion for their own gain.  Yes, even in families.

16 min
4 January 2023
Episode 22: Facing Fear and Getting Connected

13 min
15 December 2022
Episode 21: Morning Pages, Meditation and a Little Instagram

WELCOME BACK!!! Morning Pages:  Get the junk out of your head!  The Artist's Way .by Julia Cameron ..we can heal through writing...and boy did this help me heal.  Get all that muck out of your head first thingDo the brain dump of drama before you start your day! It's the...

11 min
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