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Honest Ecommerce

Shopify Expert Chase Clymer and his guests provide online store owners with honest, actionable advice to increase their sales and grow their business.


Last Episode Date: 17 June 2024

Total Episodes: 394

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17 June 2024
282 | Identifying Market Opportunities and Taking Action | with Gabi Saper & Enzo Gonzalez

Gabi Saper is a visionary entrepreneur and digital marketing strategist, renowned for co-founding CMY Cubes, a trailblazing STEAM-focused enterprise that has revolutionized learning through interactive and sensory tools. Her strategic acumen and innovative use of digital pl...

29 min
13 June 2024
Bonus Episode: Mapping Success: Ecommerce Transitions Done Right with Amandeep Singh

Amandeep is a seasoned web development expert and entrepreneur with over 14 years of proven success in driving eCommerce innovation. As the founder of BigC Experts and Cronix, he excels in building high-performing teams and delivering complex web projects for businesses of ...

31 min
10 June 2024
281 | Continuously Learning While Tuning Out the Noise | with Fiona Frills

Fiona Frills is a 20-year-old beauty, makeup, fashion, lifestyle influencer and entrepreneur. Since launching her YouTube channel at the age of 10, she has amassed a fan base of over 1 Million followers.At the age of 13, Fiona decided to turn her obsession of makeup into a b...

22 min
3 June 2024
280 | Balancing Product Functionality and Aesthetics | with Ryan Johnson

Ryan C. Johnson is the mastermind behind NewRuleFX. He stands out as a seasoned videographer, filmmaker, and entrepreneur with over three decades of esteemed experience in the media realm. His career is adorned with 18 industry accolades, recognizing his outstanding contrib...

22 min
27 May 2024
279 | The Impact of Word of Mouth for Product Growth | with Kevin Lavelle

Kevin Lavelle is the CEO and Co-Founder of Harbor. He brings a wealth of experience from his role as the Founder and Chairman of Mizzen+Main, having invented the world’s first performance fabric dress shirt. With a successful growth round raised from L Catterton, partners...

29 min
23 May 2024
Bonus Episode: Writing for People, Not Just Search Engines with Dale Bertrand

Dale Bertrand is an SEO and ecommerce expert who leads training and consulting engagements with brands like Citizen Watch, Nestle, XXX. Nowadays, Dale spends his time researching the risks and opportunities posed by Google’s shift to generative AI search. You can follow ...

30 min
20 May 2024
278 | Investing in Awareness Campaigns for Brand Visibility | with Nicole Goldberg

Nicole Goldberg is an experienced marketing professional with over fifteen years in the ecommerce industry. Based in Los Angeles, she holds the role of Director of Growth Marketing at Faherty Brand, where she spearheads the development and implementation of the company's gr...

28 min
13 May 2024
277 | The Real Goal: Building Something That Works | with Emma McIlroy

Emma McIlroy is the founder and CEO of Wildfang, a multi million dollar fashion brand on a mission to rewrite the future of gender. Wildfang embraces your masc, your femme and everything-in-between. Wildfang has raised over $1k for charities that focus on racial justice, as...

28 min
9 May 2024
Bonus Episode: Redefining SEO: Content Engagement Over Keywords with Brent Peterson

With over 25 years of experience in the e-commerce industry, Brent is the President and Founder of ContentBasis LLC, a cutting-edge startup that helps businesses optimize their content discovery through predictive analytics and human expertise. ContentBasis is a unique solut...

26 min
6 May 2024
276 | Maintaining Momentum: Staying in Motion & Scaling Up | with Kent Yoshimura

Kentaro is a multimedia artist, creative director, martial artist, and entrepreneur from Los Angeles, CA. After studying Neuroscience at UCSD then entering into the film program at UCLA, Kentaro started his career creating content for global brands such as McDonald’s, Lego...

24 min
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