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Hiring University! Powered by Ursus, Inc.

Join your peers, colleagues, and friends in a bi-monthly discussion of the latest trends in hiring, staffing, best practices and rants covering the best, and sometimes worst, examples in staffing and job search. Hiring University aka Hiring U! powered by Ursus, is a podcast forum designed for fun exploration and story sharing to help benefit those looking for tips and guidance on the dos and don’ts of finding a job, finding a candidate, or running an internal or external recruiting program.


Last Episode Date: 22 April 2024

Total Episodes: 46

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22 April 2024
Episode #46: Q1 Ursus Contractor Council Meeting

We took notice that staffing, talent, and recruiting events are typically represented by suppliers, clients, technology, and managed service providers. Noticeably absent from these industry forums is YOU, the employee doing the work and making it all possible!  The Ursus Co...

27 min
15 March 2024
Episode #45: Angela Westhead, Procurement Manager, Contingent Workforce & BPO @ Zendesk

Angela Westhead joins the program to discuss, among other topics, remote work, BEI, (yes, B not D), AI, and her favorite podcasts!  This is an episode you don't want to miss!  You can have great talent that sits anywhere. They just have to be bought in on being prese...

21 min
6 March 2024
Episode #44: Kobie Wagener, MSOS, SHRM - CP, Workforce Program Manager

Kobie Wagener joins this episode of Hiring U! to share his perspectives as a former leader of numerous talent teams and now as a job seeker himself! "Concerning back to office, I feel like post covid, many people can be a little intimidated by the face-to-face interacti...

26 min
28 February 2024
Episode #43: Tami LaSance - Attorney | Human Resources & Contingent Workforce Advisor | Program & Project Manager

Tami LaSance, in-house legal counsel at HireArt joins Hiring University to share her insights on the importance of worker classification, advancements, and potential risks in AI among other topics.  "I think more companies aren't as concerned with the risk of inco...

23 min
23 February 2024
Episode #42: Casey Jacox- Keynote Speaker, Sales and Executive Coach, Podcaster and Author - "Win The Relationship, Not The Deal"

On this episode of Hiring University, get to know Casey Jacox, Keynote Speaker, Sales & Executive Leadership Coach, Podcaster & Author of "Win The Relationship, Not The Deal".   A twenty-year staffing executive, Casey shares his thoughts on what has chang...

21 min
21 February 2024
Episode #41: Michael Beckwith- Category Manager, CCWP - Xcel Energy

On this episode of Hiring University, get to know Michael Beckwith, Category Manager at Xcel Energy who oversees all contingent and project-based labor across Xcel's U.S. footprint.  "I'm super passionate about data. And I think all conversations around worke...

26 min
30 June 2023
Episode #40: Andrew Hochradel - Creative for Hire!

Self-proclaimed "Creative for Hire!"  Andrew Hochradel joins Hiring U! to share what life as a creative contractor/freelancer is all about.   Andrew shares his best practices on finding and creating opportunities, (yes it's possible to create your own gigs- ...

30 min
11 April 2023
Episode #39: Shawn McCormick - SVP of Software Development - Signiant

Software industry veteran Shawn McCormick, SVP of Development at Signiant joins Hiring U! to share best practices in building software development teams and specifically the work he and other technology leaders are doing to attract talent to Ottawa, aka, Silicon Valley North...

21 min
6 March 2023
Episode #38: Brian Hoffmeyer - SVP of Market Strategies - Beeline

We are thrilled to welcome Brian Hoffmeyer, SVP of Market Strategies at Beeline to Hiring University!   "Passionate about the extended workforce", Brian shares with us his thoughts on market trends related to technology innovation, contingent workforce management ...

27 min
26 February 2023
Episode #37: Steven Kekich - Global Contingent Workforce Leader

Steven Kekich, a recognized leader in the Global Contingent Workforce market joins Hiring University to discuss recent trends in the market including the importance of procurement and talent management partnership and interdependence among other topics.  Steven has led glob...

35 min
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