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High Budtenders

A Potcast for Budtenders and Weed Lovers


Last Episode Date: 15 April 2024

Total Episodes: 144

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15 April 2024
Season 4, Episode 23: 420 For Tony

We are choppin' it up with Tony Beaudrie, the esteemed Store Manager of Sanctuary Dispensary in Downtown Las Vegas. With years of experience in the Nevada cannabis community, Tony is a true asset to the industry, and we are excited to delve into the world of 420 with him. In...

57 min
4 March 2024
Season 4, Episode 22: Vegasoul

We are choppin' it up with Terrence Wilson, a visionary in the culinary world who has taken seasoning to a whole new level by infusing delta-8, delta-9, and CBD into his gourmet seasonings at Vegasoul Infusion. Terrence shares his journey of creating unique and delicious ble...

59 min
19 February 2024
Season 4, Episode 21: Madusa

We are choppin' it up with the incredible Madusa, a mastermind battle rapper with bars that hit harder than a bong rip. But that’s not all—Madusa also brings her expertise to the cannabis industry. Let’s light it up and get into the groove as we dive into an episode th...

42 min
5 February 2024
Season 4, Episode 20: BloomCon

We are choppin' it up with Sean York from Kinship Gardens to talk about BloomCon which is set to be an unforgettable Event in Vegas on February 10, 2024 at the Lexi Hotel. BloomCon is about bringing together industry leaders, innovators, and passionate individuals from all c...

37 min
1 January 2024
Season 4, Episode 19: GG & Baklava

We are choppin' it up with Greg Grant AKA GG. Get ready to be inspired, entertained, and enlightened as we take you on a captivating journey through GG’s multifaceted world. 🎙️✨Whether you're a fan of gymnastics, music, performance, or simply curious about the canna...

50 min
11 December 2023
Season 4, Episode 18: A Robhots Invasion

We are choppin' it up with the brilliant minds behind Robhots (Ciera, the 2 Zachs, and Ryan), who share their journey of creating these delicious and potent treats. Join us as they take us through the meticulous process of crafting their gummies, ensuring the highest quality...

41 min
13 November 2023
Season 4, Episode 17: Fast Cars and Cannabis Bars

We are choppin' it up about the fascinating world of cannabis and explore the latest happenings in the lively city of Vegas from Formula 1 to MJBizCon. Whether you're a cannabis connoisseur, a curious beginner, or simply interested in the fascinating Cannabis Industry of Las...

27 min
16 October 2023
Season 4, Episode 16: Getting Trippy With Hippie

We are choppin' it up with Lino, also known as Hippie, who is a knowledgeable and friendly budtender currently working at Nevada Made in Las Vegas, NV. With a passion for the cannabis industry, Hippie has gained extensive experience and expertise in assisting customers with ...

41 min
18 September 2023
Season 4, Episode 15: Hey Bud

We are choppin' it up with Hadhinah Felice, The Founder of Hey Bud and a trailblazer in the ever-evolving world of the cannabis industry. With a deep passion for promoting the benefits of cannabis and its potential for healing, she has become a compliance tour de force in th...

57 min
22 August 2023
Season 4, Episode 14: Vlasic Labs

We are choppin' it up Willy Vlasic an entrepreneur and co-founder of Vlasic Labs and Vlasic Bioscience. We know what you are thinking....”PICKLES!” Well, yes and not exactly. Vlasic Labs provides a selection of high-quality and affordable wellness CBD products by The Fa...

44 min
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