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Herizon Music: The Podcast

Herizon Music: The Podcast features interviews with trailblazers and rising stars in the music industry. Whether on stage, behind the scenes, or on air, Herizon Music introduces you to the women who are defining the music industry and the issues that affect them. Each episode is entertaining, inspiring, and relatable. Join our band of dreamers, rule breakers, and rock stars today! Hosted by Thea Wood. Subscribe to our newsletter at

Last Episode Date: 29 April 2024

Total Episodes: 45

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29 April 2024
Satori Shakoor: Detroit's Funkadelic Midwife of Stories

Satori Shakoor: Detroit's Funkadelic Midwife of StoriesBorn Jeanette McGruder in 1954, Detroit native Satori Shakoor knew she wanted to be a star from a young age. Her wish was granted with an audition for George Clinton’s group, The Brides of Funkenstein, and later becomi...

27 min
20 January 2024
Carla Patullo: From Scoring A Film to Scoring A GRAMMY Nomination

SummaryIf you’re a movie buff, you’re going to love today’s guest. She’s a composer and multi-instrumentalist whose music has appeared in over 30 motion pictures and soundtracks like Porno, This Is Jessica, and Lotte That Silhouette Girl.Not to mention over 100 song ...

31 min
7 December 2023
GoGo Germaine: A Riot Grrrl’s Fury Painted Black

GoGo Germaine: A Riot Grrrl’s Fury Painted BlackAuthor and music journalist Erin Barnes, a.k.a. GoGo Germaine, shares the highs and lows of her girl gang days as a teen rebel. Her book Glory Guitars: Memoir of a ‘90s Teenage Punk Rock Grrrl chronicles Gogo’s questionab...

33 min
1 November 2023
Lurleen Ladd: Pursuing Music As A Second Act

Todays’s guest is a singer-songwriter with an evolutionary heart. Her story shines light on the meandering path that many of us often travel before finally committing to pursuing our deepest passions. An accountant and social worker by training, she founded nonprofits and ...

41 min
4 October 2023
Michele Darling: Women, Technology & Music's Future

It’s my first podcast episode to launch on Substack!  Scroll to the bottom to hear more episodes— all are available for free. Herizon Music is funded by subscribers like yourself. If you like what you hear and see, pls upgrade to a paid subscription. Thank you for joini...

45 min
29 June 2023
Vanessa Lively: Home Street’s Gypsy Godmother

Vanessa Lively walks the talk of a free-spirited soul who channels the healing power of music into uplifting the chronically unhoused in Austin, TX.  Her story as a creative and advocate is powerful and thought provoking. In this episode:Vanessa’s gypsy-esque musical root...

39 min
12 April 2023
Dr. Jennifer Whitehead: Vocal Health Matters!

Dr. Jennifer Whitehead is an associate professor of music at Ohio Wesleyan University. With a Doctorate of Musical Arts in voice and singing health, she's teaching the next generation the skills necessary to heighten and extend their singing careers. Anyone who speaks for a ...

48 min
17 February 2023
Janis Wallin: The Mistress of Groove

Bassist Janis Wallin is the “Mistress of Groove” of the jam band scene. With decades of experience, she’s the bass teaching, vegetarian-eating,  Bootsy-loving trail blazer with an alter ego.In This Episode - Why it took nine years for her band band Family Groove Com...

34 min
31 January 2023
Cheryl B. Engelhardt: New Age Artist's Journey To Healing & The GRAMMYs

Cheryl B. Engelhardt received her first New Age Ambient or Chant Album GRAMMY Award nomination this year for her latest album “The Passenger.” Thea Wood spoke to her about the therapeutic story behind the album, which was written and recorded on a cross-country train tri...

52 min
29 December 2022
BlueSkye: Michigan’s Rising Star

BlueSkye is the teen sensation from Michigan who is taking her unique brand of songwriting to the top! As Herizon Music’s Tate-Makeba Rising Star award winner in 2022, she made the most of her year. In this chat, meet the teen who is taking the Midwest by storm— blue ski...

30 min
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