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Heart of Esther Podcast

Growing up, I was often the quiet one in the room that wouldn't talk unless called upon to speak. As I grew and matured, I learned that there is power in knowing when to speak up and when to stay silent. For so long I chose to stay quiet about my relationship with God. A part of me actually thought that was how it was supposed to be. I even thought that church was the only place where God was supposed to be talked about. However, I have since learned that this journey with Christ and growing in my understanding of who he is, is the one thing I really shouldn't and to be honest, can't, keep quiet about. I invite you into my journey and pray you are encouraged through the women who come to share their love and heart for God on each episode!


Last Episode Date: 6 April 2024

Total Episodes: 12

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6 April 2024
Navigating Life Post College ft. Lela Collier

So you've got your degree, now what? Navigating life after college can be a challenging season. You've just accomplished something so great, but what happens if things don't go as you expect them to right after graduating? Between the pressure from people/soci...

62 min
29 December 2023
How to Stay on Fire for God, ft Javonne Bailey

As believers, we’re often told the expectation is that we stay on fire for God in all seasons, good & bad. But the reality is that it doesn't always come easily or naturally and how we stay committed in our relationship and obedience to God may look different in d...

55 min
12 October 2023
United in Prayer: For Israel

Let's join in prayer during a time where there is devastation, hurt, and uncertainty in the hearts of many. Let's pray the peace and hope of God be in their hearts. Thanks for listening! Follow me on instagram @keandra_troupe

14 min
25 September 2023
Unhealed Wounds (Part 1)

An invitation to enter with God into a journey of healing from past wounds from experiences that have left a mark on your life. ...Our lives are filled with experiences, good and bad, that mark our hearts and help us develop into who we are to become.  Our experiences can ...

46 min
4 August 2023
Trust God with Time

I've found myself having anxiety about things I never use to and avoiding going to God in prayer because I'm so overwhelmed by having to express fully what I am feeling. God has been challenging me to surrender fully what I feel in each moment and wait for his resp...

54 min
1 April 2023
Dear God, I had a bad day...

If you've ever had a bad day this one's for you ❤️Thanks for listening! Follow me on instagram @keandra_troupe

6 min
7 March 2023
Church Talk: Growing up in church

Join my sister in a conversation about the local church! Sharing our experience growing up in church and how that has played a role in our life. I pray you are encouraged in your current journey and walk with God. Thanks for listening! Follow me on instagram @keandra_troupe

25 min
23 January 2023
My Testimony: Briana Garcia, healing from the residue of rape | freedom from emotional bondage

I am so excited to share my sister's testimony!  It is such a great reminder of God's ability to help us overcome all things. This testimony goes through a journey of healing from childhood rape and trusting God in the midst of emotions as she navigates life as a ...

59 min
5 January 2023
Things I left behind in 2022...

Going into the year with a mindset of progression! Instead of setting goals that are measured by perfection and completion of a set end, 2023 goals will be measured by progression. For someone like me who's overcoming perfectionism, this is such a healthy shift because ...

17 min
10 December 2022
My testimony: Javonne Bailey, trusting God in the midst of trials

A testimony of the importance of trusting God's bigger plan in the midst of trial.Thanks for listening! Follow me on instagram @keandra_troupe

43 min
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