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Grow Your Practice Podcast

Each week, the Grow Your Practice Podcast with Chad Madden of Breakthrough brings you no-nonsense marketing & business growth strategies that deliver new patients and higher profits. Co-Founder of Breakthrough, Owner of Madden Physical Therapy and Author of "Killer Marketing Secrets for Private Practice PTs", Chad grew his practice 600% in the last five years using direct response marketing strategies. He sees more than 200 new patients each month in his single location Private Practice. Now he's teaching over 800 Practice Owners to do the same.

Last Episode Date: 17 May 2024

Total Episodes: 222

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17 May 2024
Sterling Carter on 4 Keys to Maximizing Profits and Patient Commitment

This episode of Grow Your Practice hosted by Chad Madden features Dr. Sterling Carter, a multifaceted entrepreneur, motivational speaker, and physical therapist with 25 years of service as an army veteran. Carter discusses his journey co-authoring the book 'Double Your Succe...

39 min
10 May 2024
Texting For Profit (The 10 Text Challenge)

In this episode, host Chad Madden explains how private practice owners can grow their practice by effectively using texting for patient reactivation. He discusses the importance of maintaining a current patient list and strategies for re-engaging past patients through person...

41 min
3 May 2024
3 Keys to Increasing Profit Margins Despite Declining Reimbursements

3 Keys to Increasing Profit Margins Despite Declining ReimbursementsAre declining reimbursements crushing your practice growth goals?Listen in and learn tactics for physical therapy practice owners to combat financial pressures such as inflation and declining reimbursements....

56 min
26 April 2024
Secrets to Increasing Revenue Per Visit

If you’re like many owners, your revenue per visit stays the same. For others, it’s slightly decreased.These rates are not keeping up with inflation. This is a problem.We put together an educational session in a webinar to address this issue.In this episode, I go over:A ...

42 min
19 April 2024
Should You Worry About Revenue Per Visit?

Navigating the Pressures of Private Practice: Revenue, Profit Margins, and StaffingThis episode delves into the primary concerns of private practice owners as revealed by a recent national survey: revenue per visit, profit margins, and staff retention. The discussion highlig...

54 min
12 April 2024
Learn The Best Strategies for Generating Cash-Based Revenue For Your Private Practice

Have you invested in laser therapy or shockwave modalities? If you're like most PT private practice owners, acquiring the device is only the beginning - getting patients to buy in and purchase cash-based treatment packages is a whole other ballgame. Join Chad Madden as he te...

60 min
5 April 2024
Exponentially Boost Practice Growth With The 5-Star Patient Experience: A Throwback Discussion with Steve Line

Throwback Episode from September 2021: "Practice Owner & author Steve Line Shares How to Grow Your Practice with “The Feel Good Experience"Join Chad Madden for an insightful conversation with Steven L. Line, the author of "The Feel-Good Experience: Growing Your Physic...

59 min
29 March 2024
$20M Marketing System: Discover the Keys to Building a $20.8 Million Physical Therapy Private Practice

Want to take your physical therapy private practice to new heights? Join us for a game-changing episode and learn the $20M Marketing System for Physical Therapy Private Practices. In a recent webinar, Chad Madden taught a live audience how he used precise marketing systems,...

53 min
22 March 2024
Data-Driven Practice Growth: Strategies for Scaling and Optimization with Special Guest Bob Kowalick

In the world of physical therapy private practice, understanding the intricacies of revenue cycle management can significantly improve profit margins and practice growth. The Grow Your Practice podcast welcomes back Bob Kowalick, a seasoned physical therapist and CEO of...

37 min
15 March 2024
Grow Profits With Reactivations?

Grow Profits With Reactivations?In this episode, Chad Madden answers an owner's question about how to fill space and schedules with every practice's #1 asset.Learn strategies to improve profitability through reactivations in private practice, including key principles and tip...

21 min
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