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Griffin Armament’s Dwell Time podcast

Dwell Time is a show produced in house by Griffin Armament discussing the business culture and lifestyle of the firearms industry. The show features interviews with a variety of guests, ranging from industry professionals and influencers to business owners and specialists from outside the firearms/outdoor industry.


Last Episode Date: 14 February 2024

Total Episodes: 76

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14 February 2024
Griffin Armament 2023 Review, New Programs, and Industry Updates

In this episode, Austin, Cameron, and Bryan of Griffin Armament sit down to discuss an overall wrap-up of 2023 products, as well as what's to be expected in the near future from Griffin. They collectively discussed multiple product releases, a new 45,000 sq/ft expansion, the...

39 min
30 October 2023
Stories From War: "Find Your Next Mission"

In this episode, Austin of Griffin Armament sits down to discuss a more in-depth conversation about his time fighting in Iraq, and the multiple battles he had to face both during and after the war. With the current state of the world, Austin felt it was necessary to share so...

51 min
23 October 2023
Stories From War: What Terrorists Are Really Like

In this episode, Austin and Evan of Griffin Armament talk about their service in the Army in 2005, and the close-range experiences they had with terrorists in Iraq. From discussing the concept of "American shelter" to the realization of what it truly means to be a soldier, t...

43 min
25 August 2023
We Didn't Copy Ourselves: The New Forged Ambi Lower

In this podcast, Evan and Austin of Griffin Armament explain the history of the Griffin MK2 7075-T6 Forged Full Ambidextrous Lower, and clarifies that we did not copy ourselves. This episode should help a lot of ADM UIC owners understand who invented the ambi control sui...

17 min
26 July 2023
M4SD-L™ 5.56mm Suppressor

In this episode, Evan and Austin discuss the newest Gate-LOK™ 5.56 product from Griffin Armament: the M4SD-L™ Suppressor. Internal flow and balancing of optimized sound suppression is a fundamental study in silencer engineering, as that is the chief reason to use these i...

27 min
19 June 2023
Checkmate-HD™ Rimfire Suppressor

In this episode, Evan and Austin discuss the newest rimfire product from Griffin Armament: the Checkmate-HD™ suppressor. Due to the popularity of the Checkmate-QD legacy suppressor, the Checkmate-HD™ is a 5.7x28 pistol rated rimfire suppressor that utilizes Griffin's pat...

30 min
10 May 2023
Vietnam Army Sniper SGT Ed Eaton

In this episode, Evan and Austin from Griffin Armament sit down with SGT Ed Eaton, a Vietnam Army Sniper recommended for the Medal of Honor. Eaton talks about the decisions he had to make before joining the U.S. Army, the endurement of training to be a Vietnam sniper, his fi...

49 min
26 April 2023
Explanation of What Griffin Armament Believes to Have Been a Frivolous Lawsuit From Patriot Ordnance Factory

Evan and Austin from Griffin Armament discuss the successful conclusion of what they believe to have been a frivolous lawsuit from Patriot Ordnance Factory concerning a 1957 Armalite pattern / USGI barrel nut.    Follow us on social media! YouTube:

23 min
6 March 2023
Adrian Leatherman From Sidewinder Concepts LLC

In this episode, Adrian from Sidewinder Concepts and Evan and Austin from Griffin Armament discuss their stories of sniper training, and the exercises they endured to become better marksmen. Adrian talks of a 10-year plan for his company and how Sidewinder Concepts developed...

42 min
16 January 2023
Stories of Army Sniper School

In this episode, Evan and Austin from Griffin Armament discuss their stories of attending sniper school in Fort Chaffee, Arkansas. From dirtying up ghillie suits to ruck marching in the heat, the Griffin brothers talk about the mental toughness they had to develop in order t...

52 min
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