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Go Off & Create

Conversational tales about creative work and life, right from our host desk.

Last Episode Date: 23 January 2024

Total Episodes: 18

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23 January 2024
Standing On Business

Join us in celebrating Go Off & Create's five-year journey, reflecting on the unconventional approach of navigating business without strict expectations. Embracing a go-with-the-flow mindset, founding joy in avoiding unnecessary stress and tension. This milestone highlig...

8 min
6 December 2022
See What Had Happened Was...

Long time no speak. In this episode, host, Cameia sits down with her friend Joanne of the “No Added Sugar Podcast” to discuss why we haven't been podcasting. Yes, you read that right, an episode about why there's been no episodes, lol.  No, we're not walking away from p...

40 min
8 March 2022
In Business, Build you a Megazord!

If you're a Power Ranger watching kid of the 90s, then you probably know what a Megazord is. If not in this episode, host Cameia will explain. Also, in this episode, our host shares how her business, Go Off & Create, partners with other companies to offer more services. ...

18 min
5 October 2021
Machine vs Creativity / Robbea Pierre

In this episode, we go off with fellow graphic designer and new friend of the podcast Robbea Pierre. Have you ever wonder about machines versus creatives? To be more specific design tools and artificial intelligence (AI) and how it impacts certain creatives. Join us as we ta...

53 min
14 September 2021
Copycat Culture / Courtney Payne

We all know how heavily social media has impacted our lives whether positive or negative. In this episode, we go off with a friend of the show Courtney Payne and we discuss copycat culture. Copycat culture being those who repurpose content creator's stuff and don't give them...

65 min
18 May 2021
Dabble In Tangents / Curt Law

In this episode, we go off with a lawyer and friend of the show Curt Law. Things were a little less planned this go around as sometimes it’s good to be a little free-formed. We talked about business coaching, does success mess with creativity, Mortal Kombat, and more. Go o...

61 min
4 May 2021
Hustle and Flow / Jasmine Rencher

In this episode, we went off with a studier of tantra, vibrational medicine enthusiast, Jasmine Rencher. We talk about the hustle and flow, and no we're not talking about rapping but the hustle and flow of our own lives. Jasmine will share when she became self-aware and why ...

68 min
20 April 2021
Sweat Equity / Alfred Nomad

In this episode, we went off with songwriter, performer, writer, creative curator Alfred Nomad. He is creative who's down to help and connect people. He has a knack for having a lot of dope ideas and seeing them through! This may seem like a small thing but I know there's a...

40 min
1 April 2021
You're No Fool / Dion Ringgold

In this episode, we went off with the Founder and Editor in Cheif of InCLub Magazine, Dion Ringgold. He also happens to be really good at this content creation thing. In this interview, we talk about the hard work he put in to get his business started. What mistakes he fac...

58 min
2 March 2021
Black Girls & Fairytales / Kiara Barnes and Celeste Banks

Today, we went off with indie Director/Co-Producer Kiara Barnes as well as  Screenwriter/Co-Producer, Celeste Banks about their new short film, Black Girls & Fairytales. These two women have set out to change the narrative around colorism and the lack of black women rep...

52 min
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