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GliderCEO by Mark Michael

Life in general. Daily journal of a restless mind. Based in Seattle. CEO.

Last Episode Date: 7 May 2024

Total Episodes: 216

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7 May 2024
Hang in there

In this episode Mark Michael talks about getting through life even when everything is seamlingly going great.

10 min
6 May 2024
Stocism v. Your own life

In this episode, Mark Michael discusses the influence of information overload on shaping original thoughts. He encourages listeners to embrace the power of pausing and living authentically according to their own values and experiences.

11 min
15 January 2024
2024 Resolutions

In this episode Mark Michael discusses new year's resolutions, kicking off Season 4 episode 300.

13 min
29 August 2023
About the time I ate mushrooms and self realized

Title says it all.

11 min
25 August 2023
Talking to a Yogi: Living on Purpose

In this episode, Mark sits down with yogi, entrepreneur, and mindfulness expert Megan Kountz of NW Corporate Yoga to explore the transformative power of yoga, life, business ideas, vitamins and living on purpose. This podcast is an enlightening conversation of human experien...

71 min
9 June 2023
Lean into repetitivenes

In this episode Mark Michael, delves into the concept of leaning into repetitiveness. Mark begins by exploring how repetitiveness isn't necessarily a negative trait; instead, it can be harnessed as a powerful tool for mastering skills and forming positive habits. Mark ...

11 min
13 February 2023
Reporting from the middle: Balancing Material pursuits and Personal growth

Join Mark Michael as he dives into the unique experience of being in the middle of life, where the allure of material possessions often clashes with the pursuit of inner happiness and personal growth. In this thought-provoking episode, Mark explores the challenges and opport...

14 min
5 January 2023
Happy Rando New Year 2023

In this episode Mark bounces from topic to topic from quick takes on past podcast episodes to how he views the world i.e. family, friends etc. 

8 min
13 December 2022
Unleashing the power of micro moments of genius in your life

In this episode, we explore the concept of micro moments of genius and how they can enhance our lives. A micro moment of genius is a brief moment of clarity, insight, or understanding that can help us solve problems, make decisions, and unlock our potential. These moments ca...

9 min
7 December 2022
60 Days Without Alcohol Thoughts

Alcohol is fun, weird, awkward, limiting, a release, memories, social etc etc. You can put many labels on it and to each their own relationship.  For me a high functioning, endeavorous person alcohol slows me down. Having that self awareness is key. Having that conversa...

12 min
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