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Get REAL with Lisa Crown Podcast

Getting REAL straight forward on taking action in this ever changing real estate market.


Last Episode Date: 30 April 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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30 April 2024
Spotligth Interview with C-Suite Executive Tim Harris of Country Financial

Wow, to interview a high level executive who is willing to share their best practices and nuggets to inspire others who are looking to grow their business is beyond impressive to me. Tim is first class. Our time together left me wanting more. I personally walked away with a ...

42 min
12 April 2024
Confidence Booster Series- 1st Chapter "Call Confidence"

NEW SERIES on Get Real With Lisa Crown Podcast called "Confidence Boosters" First one out the gate is... "CALL CONFIDENCE" Confidence is not for sale. You have to work towards it. You have to earn it. The earn is in the practice. You have to work for it. You have to understa...

14 min
26 February 2024
Spotlight Interview with Matt Farnham Influencer on Work Life Harmony/Client experience

What a special treat to interview someone who stands out for more reasons than one. Matt has been in the real estate space working at a high level for many years. His unique approach to the client experience is bar none. He is all about the client relationship, helping his c...

29 min
26 January 2024
Spotlight interview with College Football player, Logan Hay

No joke, this is one of my all- time favorite podcasts I have done. To hear the thoughts, ideas, and perspective of a 20 year college football player during this interview, gave me chills, ah ha moments and tears was absolutely incredible to say the least. Logan helps me par...

37 min
10 January 2024
Real Estate Roller Coaster- ”Let’s go on the ride of your LIFE!” Chapter #10

That's a wrap! Get ready to unbuckle and hop off the Real Estate Roller Coaster Series. Real Estate is like an amusement park, pick your ride, buckle up, prepare for the twists, turns, slow downs, unexpectedness, being flipped upside down, exciting moments, scary moments, an...

32 min
2 January 2024
Spotlight Interview with Escrow Coach- Stephany Beck with FNTG

Gems are being dropped in this interview!!! I put our very own Escrow Coach Stephany Beck in the hot seat and the take aways were endless! Learn her secret sauce that you should write down and pin up at your operation! Thank you Stephany for being real and raw with my audien...

47 min
4 December 2023
Fun Interview with the Announcer of the Price is Right- George Gray!

Commmmmeeeee onnnnnnn downnnnnn and listen to this awesome interview with the announcer of the Price is Right, George Gray! George is one cool cat! He talks about his journey to get the hard gigs, real life situations, some direct advice and he will make you laugh for sure. ...

44 min
31 October 2023
Real Estate Roller Coaster #9 ”You are the shift, not the market”

Back on the mic and it feels so good. The Real Estate Roller Coaster continues. Check out #9 "You are the shift, not the market" and see my direct approach for tackling this market with the right mindset. This one line may be all you have been waiting for.... so click play a...

18 min
22 August 2023
Real Estate Roller Coaster - Chapter 8 the ”Curve Ball”

Another part of the Real Estate Roller Coaster Series is the "Curve Ball! Curve balls are the ultimate teacher as long as you grab the lesson and keep going up to bat... you will get through it. Stop waiting for the prefect pitch and just swing. Choosing tactical practices d...

21 min
1 August 2023
*Special Interview with Retired Navy Seal, Honor Man and Seal Trainer- Jake Williams

There comes a time when you get to sit in front of someone who has done the impossible, who you admire, respect and appreciate. Someone you put in the hot seat that you don't want the interview to end.  Someone who stretches their limits. Someone who exceeds expectations ef...

30 min
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