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Get Hired in Medical Sales: Showing you the step by step process to land a high paying sales job.

The goal of college is to graduate and find a career job! Yet today with rising cost of college and a challenging job market, this has become difficult for many people. On this show I will interview people who have landed their career job and have paid off their student debt! Plus there will be professional coaches and successful business leaders who will share what it takes to get hired and have a great career!


Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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16 May 2024
Do you struggle with closing an interview? Do you get nervous and afraid of being too pushy? Today's guest nails the close and gets hired in pharmaceutical sales! - Kenzie

Closing tips: Review their top reqirements and priorities from the discussion State your interest and how your examples show you are a good fit Ask to be moved to the specific next step that you uncovered  Make it personal and let your natural pasion and personality shine Â...

23 min
29 April 2024
How did coaching help April find a great job in medical sales? How can you overcome the "no sales experience" obstacle? How can you prepare you for a tough interview process? Let's ask April Hodge, PT, DPT! Part 2

Get interviews through contacts you make on LinkedIN. How do I covert the warm connections to more productive interactions? How do I not get discouraged? How can I take the feedback and get a little bit better? You could do it yourself but there is a reason you are not. Ther...

21 min
25 April 2024
Do you have a great career background but no sales experience? Learn how to use your accomplishments to get hired in medical or pharmaceutical sales! - April Hodge, PT, DPT - Part 1

This is April Hodge's second appearance and she gives examples on how to get interviews and how to advance through the interview process! She had a great professional backgound but no sales experience and she got hired in medical sales! Through my coaching program she learne...

22 min
10 April 2024
Are you in nursing, teaching, business, retail or a recent college grad? Maybe just thinking about medical sales? Today I am coaching Paulina in retail to prepare for a interview!! -Paulina part 2

The medical and pharmaceutical industry needs good people and they will hire from different backgrounds. But they are looking for someone has the basic knowledge, skills and willingness to excell in a competitive environent. They expect you answer questions using the STAR or...

42 min
3 April 2024
Live coaching call! After several years in retail fashion, Paulina, is pursuing medical sales! - Part 1.

After downloading the first few modules of my online coaching program, Paulina and I have a live coaching session. We talk about her story, networking and some interviewing tips! What will it take to get you ready to interview in this highly competitive market? Go to my webs...

18 min
12 May 2023
How Do You Nail a $100,000 Medical Sales Interview With No Medical Experience? Today’s Guest Did It and So Can You! - Wade Sluss

Excellent podcast interview with Wade Sluss! Wade talks about how to nail a $100,000 medical sales interview with no medical experience. Find Wade Sluss:  LinkedIn Need some coaching advice? Book a Coaching Call Now: Get Hired in Medical Sales! Find us on Social Media:  Li...

36 min
28 April 2023
Learn the Top Three Interviewing Skills After Manager Conducts 100’s of Interviews! You’re Telling me the Top Sales Guru was Afraid to Make Sales Calls? Listen to the End for Special Invitation! - Jerry Acuff Part 2

Mike brings back Jerry Acuff, CEO/Owner at Delta Point, Inc. on Get Hired in Medical Sales Podcast for another episode as he shares about learning the top three interviewing skills after manager conducts 100’s of interviews! Find Jerry Acuff:  Website, LinkedIn Need some ...

28 min
14 April 2023
Ask the Expert! Jerry Acuff, the Leader in Pharma/Medical Sales Training, Shares Interviewing Tips! Jerry - Part 1

Today we have Jerry Acuff, CEO/Owner at Delta Point, Inc. He has been consulting and speaking extensively on the issues of sales and marketing excellence for over 30 years. He knows what it is like to be a frustrated salesperson starting out in sales (which is how he began)....

33 min
5 April 2023
Can you Answer the “Why Question”? Don’t Wait Until You’re in the Middle of an Interview, Practice Now! - Jebb Part 2

Part Two of Jebb Ruff's podcast interview.  Find Jebb Ruff:  Website, LinkedIn Need some coaching advice? Book a Coaching Call Now: Link Find us on Social Media:  LinkedIn Subscribe to our podcast: Apple Music: iHeartRadio: Spotif...

32 min
31 March 2023
Award-winning Rep Gets Vulnerable About What Drives Him! He Talks About How to “Show up“ for an Interview. — Jebb Part 1

Today we have Jebb Ruff, Medical Sales & Patient Access Manager. Jebb talked about how to “show up“ for an interview. Find Jebb Ruff:  Website, LinkedIn Need some coaching advice? Book a Coaching Call Now: Link Find us on Social Media:  LinkedIn Subscribe to our po...

28 min
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