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Game Chat Tonight

Game Chat Tonight is our dedicated show to talk about all things video games! We will talk about the most recent news, game reviews, what we've been playing and more, all on the Huber Rebels channel!


Last Episode Date: 1 June 2024

Total Episodes: 11

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1 June 2024
GCT #11: Breaking Down the PlayStation State of Play!

On this episode of Game Chat Tonight, we break down the PlayStation State of Play and cover the news from the past week including Call of Duty coming to Game Pass day one!Time Stamps:00:00 - State of Play breakdown19:39 - Astro Bot33:41 - Zelda legos40:31 - Minecraft animate...

56 min
25 May 2024
GCT #10: Fallout Show Spoiler Review!

Jordan and Ethan talk spoilers for the Fallout TV show, Kingdom Hearts may be coming to the Switch 2 and Fortnite and more on this week’s episode of Game Chat Tonight!Time Stamps:00:00 - catching up / what we've been playing 09:28 - Kingmakers & Paper Mario: The Thous...

57 min
18 May 2024
GCT #9: What We Know So Far About Assassin's Creed Shadows

It's a busy night on Game Chat! The guys discuss GTA 6 shooting for Fall 2025, Horizon is getting it's own Lego game, and the first trailer for Assassin's Creed Shadows has dropped! All that and more on this week's episode of Game Chat TonightTime Stamps:00:00 - Intro03:53 -...

62 min
11 May 2024
GCT #8: Xbox Closures & the State of the Industry

Xbox closed 4 Bethesda studios this week, Nintendo announced the Switch 2 announcement, and PlayStation might have a showcase this month? All of that and more on this week’s episode of Game Chat Tonight! Time Stamps:00:00 - Gaming leaks08:54 - Xbox closing studios31:41 - ...

68 min
4 May 2024
GCT #7: Looking Back at Our Favorite Star Wars Games!

In honor of Star Wars Day, the guys look back at all of their favorite Star Wars games from childhood to present!Time Stamps:00:00 - Battlefront remaster update03:22 - 7/11 x Tetris crossover10:44 - Analogue 3d14:30 - Assassin's Creed Hexe18:54 - Starting Fallout 429:16 - Ne...

86 min
27 April 2024
GCT #6: NEW Switch 2 Leaks Including Magnetic Joycons?!

This week, we talk about the rumored details about the upcoming Switch 2, a review of Escape Academy: Tournament of Puzzles, Kingdom Hearts coming in 2025 and more!Time Stamps:00:00 - What we've been playing07:08 - Hogwarts horror15:48 - Escape Acedemy Tournament of Puzzles ...

58 min
20 April 2024
GCT #5: What Will the Next Evolution of Gaming Look Like?

This week, we talk about Keanu Reeves being cast as Shadow in Sonic 3, the Star Wars Outlaws Jabba mission controversy, what the next evolution of gaming will look like and you guessed it, more Fallout talk!Time Stamps:00:00 - Keanu Reeves is Shadow the Hedgehog07:41 - Power...

53 min
13 April 2024
GCT #4: Star Wars Outlaws Story Trailer Breakdown

We break down the Star Wars Outlaws story trailer, talk about Amazon Prime's newest show, Fallout, Fallout 4 getting a next gen update, and lots more gaming news on this week's episode!Time Stamps:00:00 - Ethan finished Tears of the Kingdom08:25 - Jordan beat Balatro13:44 - ...

79 min
6 April 2024
GCT #3: PlayStation Showcase Coming Next Month?

Amazon's Fallout show, KOTOR Remake isn't dead, a PlayStation showcase may be coming next month, who we'd want to voice Link and plenty of April Fool's pranks are discussed on this episode of Game Chat Tonight!First person to leave a comment  telling us what they hope to se...

70 min
30 March 2024
GCT #2: Is Console Exclusivity Coming to an End?

Phil Spencer had a big interview this week, so we break it down and talk about the future of console gaming. We also discuss the newly revealed Marvel Rivals, the possibility of a GTA 6 delay, and Dragon’s Dogma 2!Time Stamps:00:00 - What we've been playing11:04 - Phil Spe...

61 min
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