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Galley Stories

Stories from the Bering Sea and Beyond-Hosted by Mark Caylor. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook @Galleystories Email:


Last Episode Date: 18 May 2024

Total Episodes: 91

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18 May 2024
EP 91 CHB, Captain/Owner Charles Hardin Bundrant Trident Seafoods

I was never able to record Chuck during his lifetime so over the course of a couple years I did a series of interviews with some of his closest friends in order to share some of the stories. Charles Hardin Bundrant was born on January 31, 1942, in Lawrenceburg Tennessee. He ...

41 min
17 April 2024
EP 90 Captain Vic Scheibert

In his own words.

19 min
25 March 2024
EP 89 Captain Konrad Uri Born in 1934, "I'd Still be Fishing if I Could Be Insured"

Konrad Uri, Born in the PNW and started his fishing Career just before and during WW2, amazing story here guys, listen in his own words. Brought to you by You can Support our podcast at  

60 min
11 March 2024

This is what it's about, capturing the Old School guys. Louie brings decades of experience and stories in a well spoken matter.    Brought to you by Support our Podcast @  

36 min
24 February 2024
EP:87 Head Cook Larry Carrol "I Loved to Cook"

Larry Carrol joins us today to share what it is like to spend an entire career Cooking on the water.   Check out our Sponsor at  

35 min
22 January 2024
EP: 86 Captain Jason Miller "I Had to prove Myself"

Jason Shares his Story, forgive the background Hydraulic Noises.

40 min
10 January 2024
EP 85 Captain Curtis Johnson F/V Alaska Spirit ”Love This Life, No Regrets”

Captain Curtis Johnson Joins us today to share his story, this guy looks too young to have kids! and he is a Grandfather.

19 min
27 December 2023
EP: 84 Captain Chad Lowenberg F/V Arctic Lady, Short and Sweet. ”Play-Doh Across the Dash”

Chad uses few words to tell a great story. Hell of a guy, wish I would have put a few Alaska Ambers into him first.

13 min
9 December 2023
EP: 83 Captain Rick Reynolds ”Some of the Best Days on the water don’t involve fish”

Captain Rick Reynolds, long time Ugashik River, Pilot Point Alaska Set Net Fishermen tells his story. To Support Galley Stories Podcast      

20 min
26 November 2023
EP 82, Deckhand Matt Bradley F/V Northwestern ”Gear Work for a Half Rack” The good ole days

Matt Bradley of the F/V Northwestern shares his fishing story. If you wish to support Galley Stories you can by subscribing to all new subscribers will be called out on the next episode as a thanks for your support.

25 min
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