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Future Readiness with Za

I’ve always said the future is always around the bend - it is not a lifetime away. Future Readiness with Za - is a series of conversations with game-changers and pioneers from around the world, exploring the nature of emerging futures from the now, the next and beyond. After many years of meeting smart people doing great things over time- I wanted to create a space where we could converse about the now, what comes next and how we can all be ready for it - as individuals, companies and societies. Listen, Enjoy & Share


Last Episode Date: 21 March 2024

Total Episodes: 80

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21 March 2024
A Journey Of Design with Glenda Venn

#FutureReadinessWithZa Presents Sizakele in conversation with Glenda Venn – an award-winning creative with experience in designing and brand strategy. A new connection that already feels deep. She is smart, explosively creative, kind, benevolent, wise, and human-centred. ...

62 min
16 November 2023
How To Preempt Burnout

“.. Burnout is when you have nothing left to give, there is no bandwidth left. When we have no bandwidth, we get really impatient with the people we love, we start making mistakes… and we lose the ability to celebrate what is wonderful in life…”We are nearing that t...

3 min
7 November 2023
How To Say Yes

“If you aren’t able to commit to a full body yes, it is a lot more respectful to say thank you, you’re so kind, I’ll consider the invitation, please give me time, so that you when you do finally say yes, it is a full body yes”.When you agree to join someone in a t...

1 min
28 September 2023
How To Nurture Your Joy

“Joy for me feels a lot more dense than happiness.” How do you nurture your joy? Listen. Comment. Share. Let me know which topics you would like me to speak on.

3 min
14 September 2023
How To Design For Excellence And Not Perfection

“If you are going to wait for the perfect conditions, then your boat is never going to leave.” A good friend of mine once said “Boats are not built to stay in the harbor”, and this remains true. The truth is that conditions will never be perfect and you cannot cont...

1 min
1 September 2023
Future Readiness Presents: Za in Conversation with Phakamisa Ndzamela

Phakamisa Ndzamela is an award-winning former business journalist for Thomson Reuters, E-News Africa, Moneyweb, Business Day, Financial Mail and Financial Times of London. He holds an honours degree in journalism from the University of Witwatersrand. He lives in Cape Town. ...

60 min
31 August 2023
How To Design For Inclusive Futures

“When you place the human at the centre of everything that you do, then you can truly design for inclusive futures.” Designing for inclusivity is not about meeting a quota, it is about considering the complete human and how their daily experiences may be intertwined wit...

2 min
17 August 2023
How To Create A High Influence Brand

Future-ready brands are understanding more and more that you pay attention to what is happening in culture... and apply your creative lens in a way that solves for society” High-influence brands are intentional about placing humans at the centre of everything as this benef...

1 min
9 August 2023
Happy Women's Day

Today marks Women's Day in South Africa and we thought it would be wonderful to offer you a gift of reflective thoughts to feed on today and the days ahead.

7 min
20 July 2023
How To Journey Towards Wholeness

“Returning to wholeness is about slowing down and paying attention to how things feel.” During the pandemic, we were forced to slow down. Most of us vowed in that period to be more present and engage in experiences that bring joy. Have you kept your vow to fully immerse...

1 min
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