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Fundraising Stories with Female Founders

Inspirational interviews with female founders sharing their honest stories on raising investment – the highs, the lows, the challenges… and top tips for how to be successful. Fundraising Stories is hosted by Julia Elliott Brown, CEO and Founder of Enter The Arena, serial entrepreneur and equity fundraising expert. Enter The Arena is the organisation for female founders, providing investment expertise and business coaching. Enter The Arena empowers female founders to fly through pre-raise and investment, and on to the exponential growth of their business. Our firsthand experience, expert guidance and proven programmes help female founders unleash the wonder woman inside.


Last Episode Date: 12 January 2024

Total Episodes: 72

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12 January 2024
Nicola Piercy, Stripe and Stare - Securing investment for sustainable knickers

Join Julia Elliott Brown, Founder & CEO of Enter the Arena as she sits down with Nicola Piercy, the Founder of Stripe and Stare, the world's most comfortable knickers sustainably sourced from trees. Nicola shares her life as a serial entrepreneur, from founding Stripe an...

43 min
3 November 2023
Lisa Eaton, Fabric Academy - The Power of Advisors

Being new to the world of investment, Lisa mapped out local experts in the North East of England that could fill certain knowledge gaps. It was after discovering who could add value to the business that she “accidentally” found her Angel investors and went on to successf...

34 min
6 October 2023
Rebekah Brown, MPowder - Raising Money for Menopause

Like many women starting businesses, the motivation for Rebekah Brown’s entrepreneurship, MPowder, was in response to her own experiences and spotting a gap in the market. She was struggling with a multitude of symptoms during perimenopause and felt there was barely any in...

47 min
8 September 2023
Polly McMaster, The Fold - Don’t Fold under pressure

Being an entrepreneur is an incredibly turbulent journey. Polly McMaster is the founder of modern luxury workwear brand, The Fold, and she’s been experiencing the highs and lows since 2011. As Polly says in this episode, “that's something you have to have your eyes wide ...

48 min
7 July 2023
Sheila Hogan, Biscuit Tin - Raising For DeathTech

Biscuit Tin won the COVID response competition from Innovate UK, being one of 800 out of thousands of applications which gave the business runway through the pandemic. With no marketing budget, Sheila used partnerships to get the business to market and has been on Dragon’s...

41 min
2 June 2023
Cindy Gallop, MakeLoveNotPorn - Funding a real sex website

No investors wanted to “touch the business with a barge pole” fourteen years ago, when the company was started by Cindy, due to fear of being associated with SexTech. However, Cindy saw an opportunity in the market. She feels sex is essentially a recession-proof industry...

41 min
5 May 2023
Katy Cottam, Luna Daily - Funds, vulvas, knees and toes

Katy secured a pre-seed funding round from several angel investors. She remembers hearing from multiple people “That's not possible" and is really glad she didn't listen to that advice and instead pushed to get on board the right angel partners that fully believed in the v...

51 min
7 April 2023
Vivi Cahyadi Himmel, AltoVita - Investor herd mentality

As digital nomads, Vivi and her co-founder had the ambitious goal of building a global empire. With Vivi being from an investment banking background, she had some financial skills, but starting a business was a whole new challenge. It’s why being humble is core to the cult...

38 min
3 March 2023
Lucy Hall, LOANHOOD - Failed your investment round? Go again

Lucy started raising for Loanhood by building a rewards-based Crowdfunder and receiving a grant from NatWest. This helped establish the brand’s community and opened their eyes to the crowdfunding ecosystem. After some questionable advice, they tried to raise £400,000 from...

35 min
3 February 2023
Stamena Dimitrova, Refillable - Think big to win the investment game

Stamena’s co-founder is her daughter, which occasionally means sparks with their differing yet complementary approaches to business. The first thing they did was research the market, to validate their idea and strengthen the vision. Then they found a shop to rent and purch...

39 min
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