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Fueling Conversation

”Fueling Conversation” by Flogistix illuminates the oil and gas industry’s core, from cutting-edge technology and strategy to eco-innovations. Dive into wellhead operations, emissions control, and the energy transition through expert talks. Ideal for industry professionals or the energy-curious, this podcast offers a deep dive into the sector’s challenges and future. Join us to unravel the energy narrative and explore sustainable solutions with insights from Flogistix, your guide to optimized energy practices.


Last Episode Date: 7 May 2024

Total Episodes: 6

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7 May 2024
Ep 5: Oil's Invisible Strings in Daily Life (with Ali Sylvester)

In this unique episode, Ali Sylvester takes us on an insightful journey through a typical home, where we uncover the hidden oil-based components embedded in everyday objects. As we navigate from room to room, Sylvester reveals the surprising ways oil infiltrates our daily li...

4 min
23 April 2024
Ep 4: Emissions Calculator (with Todd Moehlenbrock)

In this insightful episode, Todd Moehlenbrock, Vice President of Petroleum Engineering at Flogistix, delves into the groundbreaking features of our latest innovation: the Emissions Calculator. He explores its advanced carbon capture capabilities and vapor composition analysi...

15 min
9 April 2024
Ep 3: A Trade Association View of the Methane Rule (with Angie Burckhalter)

In her role as the Senior Vice President of Regulatory and Environmental Affairs for the Petroleum Alliance, Angie Burckhalter offers an in-depth analysis of the EPA's recent Methane Rule and its implications for oil and gas producers. She explores the challenges faced by op...

13 min
25 March 2024
Ep 2: VRX Series (with Aaron Baker)

What is Vapor Recovery? How is Flogistix exploring new territory in Vapor Recovery with their new VRX Series compressors? How do marginal wells stay compliant and cost-efficient at the same time with the EPA's emissions regulations? Ali Sylvester, Director of Business Soluti...

13 min
11 March 2024
Ep 1: Understanding EPA's Methane Rule (with Kristin Hincke)

Are you going to be affected by the new Methane Rule? Join us as Flogistix's Vice President of Sustainability and Public Policy, Kristin Hincke, dissects OOOOb to OOOOc and every subpart in between of the new Methane Rule. Compliance for the new methane rule begins with a th...

8 min
8 March 2024
Fueling Conversation Trailer

Welcome to 'Fueling Conversation,' brought to you by Flogistix, your partner in the complex world of atmospheric solutions and oil and gas optimization. We're thrilled to dive into the weeds of emissions management, emerging technologies, and forward-thinking solutions with ...

1 min
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