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From Here, To There

How did they get from here, to there? Career Fellows talk to Tufts alumni all about their career journeys, how they made decisions, when things didn’t go as planned, and lessons learned along the way.


Last Episode Date: 5 April 2024

Total Episodes: 22

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5 April 2024
How do I Market My Humanities Major?

Hana Tzou is a Publisher's Assistant at Macmillan Children's Publishing Group. She graduated from Tufts in 2023 with a double major in English and Film & Media Studies (a degree in books and movies, as she likes to say), where she was also a tour guide and a me...

27 min
15 March 2024
Secrets to Success in Data Science with Nick Lamm '10

Uncover the world of data science with our latest podcast episode, featuring Nick Lamm, a seasoned Data Science Manager at Capital One and a 2010 graduate of Tufts University. As a former Marketer at Talkspace, his main focus has been the intersection between Machine Learni...

21 min
8 February 2024
Ask a Recruiter: Advice from Alumni on the Other Side

In this episode, we talk to three alumni all about internships and recruiting! Each panelist has had unique experiences working with students both navigating the recruiting process and making their internships a successful experience. Alex Klein, from Tufts class of 2019, ea...

46 min
4 December 2023
Season 2 Episode 3 - Breaking into the Finance Industry as a First-Generation College Student 

In this special episode, we talk about how to break into the finance industry as a first-generation college student. Joining us is Sebastian Rivera ’17 who is currently an Assistant Vice President for the Capital and Market Risk Division at Global Atlantic Financial Group....

16 min
26 October 2023
From English Major to CEO

In this Majors Month Special episode, we talk all about being the CEO of your own company with alumni Kyla Bolden. Kyla graduated from Tufts in 2017 with a degree in English and Literature and is currently the CEO and founder of Wiz Kid Learning, an online educational STEM p...

31 min
30 September 2023
From Here, to Where? Working Abroad After Graduation

In this first episode of From Here, to There's second season, we're talking all about working abroad after graduation! Joining us is Nina Ford '11, who taught in Spain just after graduating from Tufts, and David Stack '17, who is currently teaching in Spa...

41 min
8 June 2023
Bonus Episode! How to be Intentional About your Career Exploration

In this special episode, four Career Fellows get together to reflect on their career journeys thus far in the context of their Tufts experiences. Made for First-Years but useful to Jumbos of any year, this episode discusses internship culture, navigating evolving academic an...

38 min
1 May 2023
Episode 15 - What it takes to be successful in Banking, with Shikha Jindal, '07

In this episode, we discuss the volatility of the finance sector, skills and experiences needed for success in market operations, and what recruiters are looking for in newly graduated college students in private bank corporations with Shikha Jindal. Shikha is a Managing Dir...

29 min
30 March 2023
Episode 14 - All About Grad School: MBAs, PhDs, & MSEds...oh my!

In this first-ever panel episode, we talk to three alumni about graduate school! Each panelist shares their experience with their program's course load, the day-to-day, and the benefits and tradeoffs of going to graduate school. Mod Boon-Long, MBA, is from the Tufts cl...

42 min
3 March 2023
Episode 13 - Pursuing your passion as a first-generation student with Victor "Marka27" Quiñonez '03

In this episode, we speak with Victor “Marka27” Quiñonez, an alum of the School of the Museum of Fine Arts. Victor graduated with a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in 2003. He is an international award-winning street artist now based in Brooklyn, NY who combines elements of s...

42 min
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