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Freedom Lifestyle

Their work is flexible and they think for themselves.  Learn from relatable people who ditched conventional office life in pursuit of designing their dream life. Define and design your own freedom lifestyle!

Hosted by @sam.laliberte - serial entrepreneur, motivational speaker and digital nomad - who has fit work around her life since 2017.  She's unlocked freedom over her schedule, location and finances by leveraging flexible work arrangements and first principles thinking.

Live a life that’s courageously authentic and on your own terms. What’s YOUR free?


Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 101

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16 May 2024
The Manifesting Formula to Attract Wealth and Your Ideal Relationship (Chloe Panta)

Blending the spiritual art of manifesting with a scientific approach Chloe is the author of Untapped Magic: a practical guide to spiritual awakening. She uses an evidence-based, proven system with scientific data to support the effectiveness of manifesting,  helping her cli...

43 min
2 May 2024
Selling (and Scaling!) Product Based Businesses (Cheryl Sutherland)

Thriving  businesses that also serve others + science-backed personal growthCheryl is a Mindfulness Speaker and Founder of PleaseNotes, a for-purpose company of affirmation-filled physical products.  She opens up about the scientific benefits of journaling, the nuances of ...

47 min
18 April 2024
Partying with Taylor Swift & Crashing SNL Party in NYC (my BEST manifestation story)

My biggest manifestation yet: partying with Taylor Swift!This solo episode recounts a memorable evening in New York City where I crashed the SNL 40th anniversary party with my bff & co-founder, earning us an evening with A-list celebrities like Ariana Grande, Beyonce, Ju...

30 min
4 April 2024
Using Your Human Design to Find Purpose, Grow Wealth and Have More Fun! (Adina Kroll)

Embracing Your Energetic DNA ✨ Adina is a business + human design coach challenging the assumption that success comes from a one-size-fits-all strategy.  She's adopted a personalized approach that nurtures well-being alongside wealth, through the power of Human Desi...

38 min
21 March 2024
Money Mastery: Travel Hacking, Crypto Investing & Deal Hunting (Khal Ladha)

Getting a great deal gives him a literal rushKhal turned the art of travel hacking into a lifestyle - challenging everything you thought you knew about booking fights, choosing credit cards and staying in hotels. Learn to stretch your dollars without compromising experiences...

44 min
7 March 2024
Design Your Life Using First Principles Thinking (REVIST)

Learn to reverse-engineer your ideal lifestyle and unleash creative possibility. This is arguably the single best approach for learning how to think for yourself and make decisions without pre-existing bias from societal norms. This isn't about casting tradition to the ...

23 min
29 February 2024
Experimenting Until You Go ALL IN with ONE THING (Rebecca Tracey)

Learn to build an UNCAGED LIFE (and work just a few hours a week) The true grit of entrepreneurship isn't found in a flawless logo or a sleek website—it's in the learning curve of taking action, the resilience to focus on what works, and the wisdom to outsource e...

50 min
22 February 2024
Unlock Your Next Level: NLP, Ethical Influence & Our Subconscious Minds [Brittany Freeman]

There's ways of getting to that next level you're not necessarily thinking of Unlocking the mysteries of the subconscious mind and safe guarding ourselves against commonly used, unethical NLP schemes. Brittany has a master certification in Neuro-Linguistic programm...

43 min
15 February 2024
Hosting on Airbnb: My Horror Stories & Pro Tips ($80k + 5 Star Rating)

I've made $80,000 hosting on Airbnb and have a perfect 5 star ratingIf the idea of random people hanging out in your home gives you the creeps, no worries—I've been there, done that, and made close to six-figures along the way. Learn to leverage rental arbitrage ...

32 min
8 February 2024
Youthful Ambition: Learn From a 10-Year-Old Entrepreneur [Lily Harper]

Young entrepreneur at the age of 10, is the imaginative force behind Lily Lou's Aromas. This remarkable journey from confronting schoolyard bullies to igniting a passion for candle-making through a school project, turned this fifth-grader into an entrepreneur  with a f...

25 min
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