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Fox Talks Business Podcast

This podcast is designed for entrepreneurs. Whether you've been in business for 1 day or 100 years. We're going to explore the Good, the Bad and the Motivational of business life and after hours. I'm going to hold no punches, get right to the nitty gritty and be honest about my own failures and how I learned to turn them into successes. But be warned we are going to laugh together and learn to laugh at yourself cause if you're not having fun why are you doing it?


Last Episode Date: 8 May 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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8 May 2024
Big M with Ketchup please

From short comings, recommitments to rival CEO's causing a breakup this weeks look at a 40 year collaboration has it all!  We are going to look at:      Why it is important to watch what others are doing       Why you should have more than one partner       Why c...

19 min
1 May 2024
Connection to Self with Stephanie Riel

Have you ever been looking at your work and thinking, “I should be happy” but just aren’t?  Have you wondered, “Is this right for me?” Have you ever felt like you are always chasing but never catching? Have you ever wondered why your profits keep stalemating on yo...

64 min
9 April 2024
How You're Networking Wrong

What if there was a to get your foot in the door that did not involve anything cold?  What if you learned a way to get in front of the decision makers organically?  What if someone taught you a different way to think of networking that didn’t feel like you were in a spee...

67 min
26 March 2024
Peaches, Profits, Curbs and Collabs with Shannon Houchin

No matter where you are, at one time or another, you probably have passed by a roadside stand. Sometimes they are garage sales, or kids selling lemonade but if you’re lucky enough it is a fruit stand.  As an entrepreneur have you ever thought, I wonder what a stand like t...

37 min
20 March 2024
Soup, Sex and Laughter

What type of collaboration includes soup, sex an laughter. Typically three things that you wouldn't think go together but actually all three created great ways to work with key people.  Today we dive into how you can use these examples of collaboration to save yourself time...

9 min
12 March 2024
Lip smacking brand collab

One of my favorite collaborations to talk about is Lipsmackers and Dr Pepper. Started in 1975 and going for 45 successful years this collab shows how one idea can turn into a duplicatable collaboration earning awards, expansion, new audiences and more.  We are going to talk...

19 min
5 March 2024
Getting to the crocs of it

If you know anything about me it is that the word collaboration is something that will make my head turn. It’s just an intriguing word to me, ever since I learned how to use it to grow profits in my business.  Over the years I have loved watching some of the big players p...

12 min
27 February 2024
Pivots and the Multiverse with Aurora Winter

This guest was on our show back in July of 2021 and I was so excited to have her back! Not just because I get the scoop on everything she is up to but because she always makes me stop and think. Not to mention we laugh together a lot! Today we talk about pivoting, publishing...

57 min
20 February 2024
From Stressed to Blissed with Joanne Armstrong

Do you ever wish that you could take emotional worry, fear, concern and turn it into joy in a matter of seconds?  Do you think that the above statement “sounds” nice but isn’t very realistic?  My guest Joanna has perfected a way that in only 23 seconds you can learn ...

51 min
14 February 2024
Without This You Don't Have a Brand with Andrei Mincov

You worked hard to create and build your business. For most it has blood, sweat and tears combined in there. How can you make sure that all of that does not go to waste?  Trademark it!  Now I know this topic seems as sexy as talking about Profit and Loss statements or watc...

62 min
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