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Food Founders Podcast

Whether you're looking to get on your first store shelf or grow your national or international packaged food or beverage brand, the food founders podcast lets you hear what it really takes to launch, grow and scale a packaged food or beverage business.

Hear food founders share how they got to where they are today and what it's going to take to get to their next level of success.

Food industry expert Ainsley Moir shares her insights and interviews brands you can learn from so you can grow your packaged food or beverage business.

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Last Episode Date: 7 May 2024

Total Episodes: 106

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7 May 2024
Keep it simple, have fun and take it day by day to grow with Neeva Snacks

Hear how food founder Sandrew from Neeva Shaker Cereal, a high protein full flavor cereal brand went from idea to a growing D2C brand with 80+ retail locations and growing across the country in the last 18 months. Sandrew shares how he initially pitched the product to gym ...

34 min
23 April 2024
Strategies for line extension and expanding your consumer base with Little Spoon

We're talking with Angela Vranich, the brains behind Little Spoon, as she takes us on an exciting journey of redefining children's nutrition. Join us as Angela shares the story of creating a brand that not only fills tummies but also warms hearts. Learn how Little Spoon's in...

25 min
9 April 2024
Grow your brand through awards with Top Note Tonic Water

Hear why Top Note has leaned in on getting awards of recognition to help drive the focused growth of its Tonic Water brand. Mary and Ainsley dive into building a premium brand and what to focus on when building a brand good enough for Michelin Star restaurants, premium bars ...

30 min
26 March 2024
The Heat is On: Popadelics' Race Against Time for Market Success

Ainsley sits down with Marilyn Yang, the food founder of Popadelics, as they dive into the strategies that led to the growth of the industries hottest mushroom chip. Marilyn shares her insights on tapping into macro trends, focusing on high returns, and making informed inves...

34 min
12 March 2024
Betting on Trade Shows - How Whoa Dough Has Accelerated Growth of Their Ready to Eat Cookie Dough Bars and Cookies

Listen in as we talk to Todd Goldstein, the food founder of Whoa! Dough, and explore the secrets behind his business success using omnichannel strategies. Todd shares insights into the importance of aligning brand values, listening to customer feedback, and the incredible jo...

30 min
27 February 2024
How Small Store Insights Can Unlock Wholefoods Success with Freestyle Snacks

Listen in as Nikki Seaman, food founder of Freestyle Snacks shares her experience reimagining the beloved olive industry. Nikki and Ainsley dive into the crucial role of packaging, the quest for aligned partners, and the resilience needed to overcome obstacles, especially ...

25 min
13 February 2024
Turning a $7K Kickstarter raise into a $100K+ business in 12 months with Sip Herbals

Listen in as Orleatha Smith of Sip Herbals sits down and discusses how it's important to be flexible in a business partnership and why. Hear how she talks about the need of aligning your brand to your own values, how customer feedback should be listened to, and Sip Naturals'...

35 min
30 January 2024
High fashion to a retail food brand with Rawmantic Chocolate

In this episode of the Food Founders® Podcast, we sit down with Rawmantics Chocolate's founder Kasia Bosne and discuss her career shift from high fashion to the CPG industry. Hear what made her decide to make the switch and her advice for you on starting your food brand. Sh...

24 min
16 January 2024
How to drive early adoption with Pluck Ancestral Superfood Powder

In this episode, we dive into the entrepreneurial journey of pioneering a food revolution with Pluck Ancestral Superfood Powder. Discover the secrets to driving early adoption as we explore the strategies that placed Pluck at the forefront of making the benefits of organ mea...

45 min
11 January 2024
5 Ways Stay Ahead of the Competition in 2024

2024 is YOUR year! ! In this must-listen episode, host Ainsley, a seasoned expert in the food and beverage industry, unveils the top five trends that will shape the year. Get ready for a game-changing session packed with insights on leveraging omnichannel strategies, economi...

21 min
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