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fitSpot Guru

fitSpot Guru is your weekly guide to mastering fitDEGREE! Each week our team will take on topics related to our software provided by our clients or our internal team. The goal is to leave the episode with a greater understanding of fitDEGREE and how it can be used to optimize your business! Got a question or a suggestion? Email us at!

Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 249

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16 May 2024
Episode 245: 10 Key Facts of Digital Marketing

What We Cover In This Episode: News with Nick and a look at how Capitol Hill is “getting fit” [0:54] Why you need to find and lean into your ideal clients in order to have a successful business and a strong community [5:36] The reasons that SEO is crucial for attra...

21 min
9 May 2024
Episode 244: The Downsides of Not Having Employees with Katie Santos of Fitness HR

What We Cover In This Episode: What the transition from studio owner to HR looked like for Katie [6:25] How to convey, from a marketing perspective, the move from1099 independent contractor to W-2 employee [7:42] The top common misconceptions of HR in the fitness indus...

32 min
2 May 2024
Episode 243: Maximize Studio Membership Value with fitDEGREE's Early Access Tags

What We Cover In This Episode: What early access tags are and the ways you can now start implementing them [7:44] How this feature was designed to make memberships more valuable in your studio [8:40] Common use cases for these access tags in fitDEGREE [11:20] How to ...

19 min
25 April 2024
Episode 242: Protecting Your Website – The Three Must-Have Documents featuring Lisa Fraley

What We Cover In This Episode: What to realize about breaking through the “wall of trust” with clients [6:06] A rundown of the three most important documents to include in your website [11:04] How a website disclaimer specifically protects fitness studio owners [11...

29 min
18 April 2024
Episode 241: Using Spot Booking to Enhance the Client Experience, Social Connections (and More)

What We Cover In This Episode: A look at a supportive, adaptable and appealing new yoga mat [0:56] How clients can use the spot booking feature to select the equipment they want to use, where they want to sit, and more  [4:28] Some the ways it allows you to get detail...

24 min
11 April 2024
Episode 240: Disclaimers and Waivers – Focusing on Brick and Mortar Businesses with a Nod to the Virtual World featuring Lisa Fraley

What We Cover In This Episode: Lisa’s journey to become a lawyer and also a fitness instruction, plus the way she combines these two passions [1:34] What the role of certifications will be in terms of legal protection for the studio [8:42] The important aspects of di...

30 min
4 April 2024
Episode 239: Catch the Eye, Win the Heart: How Fitness Studios Can Master the Marketing and Sales Duo

What We Cover In This Episode: News with Nick and some somber news about current happiness levels in the United States [0:40] The main purpose of sales compared to that of marketing [6:35] Specific questions you need to be asking yourself as you consider the different ...

25 min
28 March 2024
Episode 238: Bridging the Gap Between Marketing and First Purchase

What We Cover In This Episode:  The number one benefit from a marketing perspective that a studio will gain when signing up with LenzVU [1:16] How you can enable your automation from Day One with LenzVU [2:48] What Afi says is the biggest standout feature for the plat...

30 min
21 March 2024
Episode 237: A Deep Dive into the fitDEGREE Summit

What We Cover In This Episode: More expansion news in the industry related to chains delving into the food and beverage game [1:18] Who our upcoming in-person summit is targeted to and how it will help them [4:48] The themes that we chose to deep dive into while there ...

26 min
14 March 2024
Episode 236: How to deal with noncommittal clients with Afi of LenzVU

What We Cover In This Episode: What inspired Afi to into this space building the LenzVU platform [1:18] Some of the game changing features it has to boost your sales and retain clients [3:12] How LenzVu helps studios with noncommittal clients by gathering information t...

28 min
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