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Fireside L and D Podcast

We believe that every person in L&D has a unique narrative to tell, a story that deserves to be heard, celebrated, and shared with the world. So, grab a metaphorical marshmallow, pull up a virtual chair, and join us by the "Fireside."


Last Episode Date: 2 May 2024

Total Episodes: 6

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2 May 2024
006: drew's debut and posh jackets

we finally sat down with the remarkable Helen Bailey to talk about.. well.. everything!

33 min
11 April 2024
005: Showgirls, chefs and riding solo

when old friends catch up, things can go a little... off piste.. In this episode Beth and Martyn sit down and talk about going solo and breaking away from in-house L&D.

36 min
31 March 2024
004: Neurospice and all things nice

In this episode, Beth and Beth (yep, felt weird too) sit down and chat about discovering neurodivergence and how it shaped Beth Orford's career.

33 min
15 March 2024
003: The Indiana Jones of L&D

We talked to the one and only Ross McPherson to talk all about his career journey, from Dinosaurs to L&D!

31 min
8 March 2024
002: This is a man's world

Beth sat down with Jane Pitt to talk about her fascinating journey from working in television to becoming a champion for women in tech. #IWD2024

33 min
7 March 2024
001: Introduction

Allow us to introduce ourselves, we're Beth and Drew, and this is the Fireside Podcast. We're sharing the stories of the amazing people in L&D.

1 min
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