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Fire Sprinkler Podcast

A Podcast about everything Fire Sprinkler! New products, Installations, interesting discussions about the Fire Sprinkler Industry!


Last Episode Date: 10 April 2024

Total Episodes: 115

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10 April 2024
Catching up with Wendy Otway Fire Sprinkler International 2024-Dublin-see you there!

Catching up with Wendy Ottway. We talk the various sprinkler organizations within Europe, the Fire Sprinkler International 2024 (in Dublin, which I will be attending this year!) and what it is. We talk the event, the educational value, and how to get registered!

17 min
23 March 2024
Hose Monster History with Michael Anderson-Director of Operations at Hose Monster

This episode of the Fire Sprinkler Podcast was my conversation with Michael Anderson, Director of Operations at the Hose Monster Company. We discuss the history of Hose Monster, creation of the the various flow testing equipment, and flow testing in general! Enjoy!

17 min
15 March 2024
A Security Blanket for Your Sprinkler Pipe? Ray Fremont Jr. Talking Vapor Shield from General Air

This episode of the Fire Sprinkler Podcast is my conversation with Ray Fremont Jr. about General Airs new Vapor Shield technology. Vapor Shield is like a security blanket for your sprinkler piping that lines the piping with a 1 molecule deep barrier to protect the piping fro...

31 min
10 March 2024
Taking the Podcast to New Heights with Ali Khalid Al-Khatib from Naffco

My conversation with Ali Khalid from Naffco. Naffco is a major manufacture of fire protection and fire fighting equipment. We discuss the history of the company, his involvement, and the growth of Naffco throughout the middle east and the world. At the end of the episode, I ...

14 min
3 December 2023
What's up in the Attic? Talking Attic Sprinklers with Karl Wiegand

This episode of the Fire Sprinkler Podcast is my conversation with Karl Wiegand. We discuss Attic sprinklers. When to use them, how to use them, the benefits....all things attic! Great conversation with a lot of information....Enjoy!

48 min
9 October 2023
The Super Soaker of Cold Storage? JCI's Quell Sprinkler Systems Ft. Melissa Rodriguez

This episode of the Fire Sprinkler Podcast is my conversation with Melisa Rodriguez. Melisa Discusses the high piled storage sprinkler system that has been available from Tyco/JCI for a a years, Melisa was brought on on to help push the storage market for JCI. We discuss th...

19 min
30 September 2023
What's up with AFSA? ft. Bob Caputo

This episode of the fire sprinkler podcast was recorded live at the AFSA42 Conference/expo in Orlando Florida! I sit down with president Bob Caputo to discuss the conference, the direction AFSA is heading, and discussed a few records held by various sprinkler organizations.....

23 min
3 September 2023
Discussing The Meyerfire University Platform and Changing the way the Industry Trains People

Discussing the Meyerfire University Training Platform. The different ways it delivers its content and how it differs from other platforms. Joe is a Fire Protection Engineer who founded Meyer Fire, an online blog to share fire protection information and start the industry con...

32 min
20 August 2023
Discussing johns history in the industry, and his current role with reliable!

This episode of the Fire Sprinkler Podcast is my conversation with John Corcoran from Reliable. John is the Marketing Director at Reliable, and has been a huge help in helping with the Fire Sprinkler Podcast. We talk about how we met years before the podcast, his history in ...

0 min
14 August 2023
Talking the NFPA Expo with the Dope and Tape Boys

This episode of the #firesprinklerpodcast was recorded at the 2023 NFPA Conference and Expo. It was their first time at the NFPA Conference, so it was awesome to see the energy coming off of these guys! Check out the Dope and Tape Show !

0 min
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