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Finding Founders

A podcast about vulnerability and entrepreneurship — learn from the life stories of founders 🚀, activists ✊, and even drug lords 💊 Our aim is to inspire you and let's face it... you aren't inspired when you hear about success. Real inspiration comes from hearing someone's lowest moment, and rising with their success. Using music, sfx, and voiceover, we interview the founders of companies, movements, and even drug cartels to reveal vulnerability so you can learn from victory. I’m your host, Samuel Donner, and together with my team we aim to inspire and educate a global community of leaders.


Last Episode Date: 13 June 2024

Total Episodes: 307

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13 June 2024
How this Ballet Prodigy Became a YouTube Icon- #215: Mari Takahashi | AtomicMari

Mari Takahashi’s first video for SMOSH, a YouTube sketch comedy channel, wasn’t immediately met with praise. And this gig was far on the side – she had a legitimate career as a professional ballet dancer. Youtube stardom wasn’t even a consideration… but eventually ...

81 min
6 June 2024
The Viral King of New York (1.3B+ Views)- Caleb Simpson | Creators

It’s not every day Barbara Corcoran slides into your dms, but for Caleb Simpson this was suddenly the new normal. Now, if this name is sounding familiar at all, it’s because you’ve probably met Caleb before….on your For You page. Known for his casual house tours and ...

51 min
30 May 2024
How One Woman Funds 700 Artists- #214: Jan Williamson | 18th Street Arts Center

Jan Williamson is a dedicated artist and community leader who’s transformed Southern California's art scene over three decades. As the executive director of the 18th Street Arts Center, she has grown the organization into the region's largest artist residency center, suppo...

38 min
23 May 2024
This Artist Professionally Makes Shit Art- #213: Sean Andrews | Shit Art Club

This project, Shit Art Club, started from creative expression in high school. But from a high school rebellious art project, it grew into a thriving artistic community in Downtown Los Angeles. Dedicated to genuine creative expression, Shit Art Club rejects conventional form ...

47 min
16 May 2024
How This Actor Created a Successful Woodworking Shop- #212: Eric Clem | LA Woodshop

Despite thinking his career was shattered by his injury, Eric Clem continued to follow his passion for woodworking. In 2010, Eric was able to mix his love for archery and woodworking through Bowyer Brooklyn, where he sold handcrafted bows and arrows to the people of New York...

51 min
9 May 2024
How a Food Blog Led to LA’s Largest Open Air Food Market- #211: Zach Brooks | Smorgasburg LA

Midtown Lunch was a hit but we’ll come back to that later… because before Zach Brooks was looking for hidden gems in food he was looking for gems in music. Zach’s career would go from radio to food blogging, to eventually becoming the general manager at Smorgasburg whe...

64 min
2 May 2024
From Penniless to Premier: Shaping LA's Top Photography School- #210: Julia Dean | Projecting L.A.

So if you don’t know Berenice Abbott was a famous photographer known for capturing New York's transformation from low-rise to skyscraper-filled in the 1930s. Julia’s apprenticeship with this renowned photographer was just the beginning. Despite facing financial constrain...

61 min
25 April 2024
How a Pandemic Pivot Made $5,000,000 a Month- #209: Adam Pisk | BruntWork Outsourcing

Amidst Covid lockdown disruptions, Adam Pisk navigated the challenge of keeping his Manila-based business running. Recognizing opportunities, he swiftly spearheaded the development of an online store for a major Supermarket, followed by a similar success with one of Australi...

24 min
18 April 2024
How to Start a 1000+ Person Run Club- #208: Justin Shields | Venice Run Club

From raising $60,000 to support social justice to founding the Venice Run Club, a run club with 1000+ runners, to the Abbot Kinney One Race, Justin Shields has always been successful in creating inclusive environments that connect people to the community. Justin continues to...

80 min
11 April 2024
How Atheists Find Community- #207: Evan Clark | Atheists United

The realization that religion could prevent its followers from getting life saving medical attention, was something that shocked Evan. And this was yet another reason that he felt drawn to “atheism,” a word that he first discovered in a dictionary years before. Later, Ev...

54 min
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