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Feel the Boot

Feel the Boot delivers advice and experience to entrepreneurs, helping them create and grow successful businesses. We help founders go from overwhelmed entrepreneur to successful CEO.


Last Episode Date: 25 May 2024

Total Episodes: 107

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25 May 2024
106. Why Startups Fail: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid

🚀 Why Startups Fail: Top 10 Mistakes to Avoid 🚀🎥 In this podcast, I dive into the common pitfalls that cause most startups to fail within their first few years. Based on my decades of experience in the startup ecosystem, I share invaluable insights and practical tip...

31 min
25 April 2024
105. How to Make Your Startup Elevator Pitch Effective and Get Venture Capital Investment

In this episode of 'Feel the Boot,' Lance Cottrell shares essential advice on crafting an effective elevator pitch to capture the interest of potential investors or partners quickly, stressing the importance of brevity, clarity, and engaging storytelling. He emphasizes that ...

12 min
10 April 2024
104. Negotiation skills for startup founders

This podcast is tailored for startup founders looking to enhance their negotiation skills. It emphasizes the importance of negotiation in various aspects of running a business, including dealing with investors, vendors, customers, employees, and co-founders. I know that many...

12 min
19 March 2024
103. Better than TAM SAM SOM startup market sizing

In this episode of Feel the Boot, host Lance Cottrell delves into the significance of understanding and presenting your startup's market size to investors through the concepts of Total Addressable Market (TAM), Serviceable Available Market (SAM), and Serviceable Obtainable M...

21 min
22 February 2024
102. Testing Startup Ideas and Assumptions ⚖️ John Li of PickFu Interview

Testing Startup Ideas and Assumptions ⚖️ John Li of PickFu Interview In this interview, John Li, the co-founder of startup PickFu, discusses the innovative concept of his company as a digital focus group for businesses. He walks us through their transition from a ph...

24 min
1 February 2024
101. Decoding Startup Sales Strategy Michael Regnier Interview

In this discussion, Michael Regnier, founder of Sales Design & Delivery, shares vital insights into sales strategy tailored for startup founders, particularly those with a technical background. He explains that a company's sales strategy must encompass every aspect of th...

44 min
3 January 2024
100. Recognizing and Surviving a Startup Heart Attack

In this milestone episode, host Lance Cottrell dives deep into several critical topics inspired by his recent heart attack. First, he compares a heart attack with a financial crisis in a startup, emphasizing the need for recognizing early warning signs and taking immediate a...

21 min
6 December 2023
99. The 10x rule Why better is not enough

The 10x rule 🌟 Why better is not enoughHaving a superior solution is not good enough.The special barriers startups face force you to build at least ten times better products. Why Your Startup Needs to Be 10x Better In this episode of 'Feel the Boot', host Lance ...

7 min
16 November 2023
98. Startup Fundraising Facilitators Surviving the Pit of Serpents!

Startup Fundraising Facilitators 🐍 Surviving the Pit of Serpents!You might want to ask for help when you need to raise capital.Take care, most of those people are useless or actively harmful.  Quoth the AI describing this episode:In this episode, Lance Cottrell,...

20 min
25 October 2023
97. Exposing the top reasons for angel investment pre-screen rejections

🤯 Exposing the top reasons for fast angel investment rejectionsInvestors only take a few seconds to decide if a startup is worth a serious look.These eight factors lead to most of the fast NOs ☠️ In this episode, I discuss the screening process for companies seek...

18 min
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