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Fearless Freedom with Dr. G

Fear stops us from achieving our true greatness. Are you a professional woman who is feeling stuck, unmotivated or burned out? Are you worried about your wellness? Are you letting fear stop you from crushing your goals? If you answered yes to any or all of these, then this is the podcast for you. Dr. Charmaine Gregory, night shift Emergency physician, burnout thriver, and wellness champion, along with everyday heroes just like you will explore how to face fear in our lives and emerge victoriously.


Last Episode Date: 14 April 2024

Total Episodes: 100

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14 April 2024
Is this Goodbye? The Most Surprising Episode Yet: Dr. Charmaine Gregory

Dr. Charmaine Gregory, affectionately known as Dr. G, is a dedicated wife, a loving mom to three, and a resilient survivor of burnout. By day (or night rather since she’s the master of night shifts), she serves as an Emergency Medicine Physician, but her passion lies in en...

13 min
7 April 2024
Using Artificial Intelligence (AI) to Revolutionize Your Daily Routine: Denzil Eden

Meet Denzil Eden, the mastermind behind Smarty, an innovative AI productivity assistant designed to revolutionize your daily routine. As a pioneering solo female technical founder, Denzil has defied norms and carved her unique path in the tech world. Armed with a specialized...

32 min
31 March 2024
Stop Planning for a Life Transformation and Start Taking Action: Britney Glass

Britney Glass is a Transformational Interior Designer and Life Coach specializing in helping powerhouse women clear their clutter and reclaim the space they deserve to create lives that exceed their wildest expectations. Through her personalized coaching and interior design ...

56 min
24 March 2024
Professional Success Doesn’t Guarantee a Happy Life: Amber Fuhriman

Amber Fuhriman's journey from attorney to success architect is one of self-discovery and personal growth. As the Owner and Attorney at Fuhriman Law in Las Vegas, Nevada, specializing in Criminal Defense and Immigration Law, Amber initially believed that achieving professiona...

25 min
17 March 2024
Own Your Trauma, Own Your Voice, Own Your Passion: Chelsea Husum

Meet Chelsea Husum: a dynamic entrepreneur, author, soon-to-be podcast host, devoted mother of two young sons, and proud wife. Chelsea thrives on sharing candid insights about life's challenges - from navigating trauma to overcoming pain, she's faced it all with unwavering s...

30 min
10 March 2024
Transform Your Life with the Power of Grit and Resilience: David Ask

David Ask is a standout in the world of entrepreneurship and product development. David is the driving force behind, a product showcased in over 3,000 retail giants like The Home Depot and Lowe's.    Alongside this success, he spearheads two mastermind gr...

46 min
3 March 2024
Taking a Leap of Faith to Discover a Better Life: Debra Boggs

Debra Boggs, Founder & CEO of D&S Executive Career Management, is an award-winning entrepreneur, international speaker, and recognized expert in executive career growth, C-level job search strategy, and board candidate best practices.    She was recently honored by...

23 min
25 February 2024
Breaking Down Self-Imposed Hurdles: Jennifer Hernandez

As a single mother of four with over 18 years of experience in the mortgage industry, Jennifer Hernandez has navigated through its various challenges and triumphs. Despite the obstacles, her determination has never allowed her to quit. Over the past three years, Jennifer has...

26 min
18 February 2024
I Get to Choose How I Show Up in My Life: Debbie Weiss

With a wealth of wisdom amassed over five decades navigating life's most formidable trials, Debbie Weiss stands as a luminary in the pursuit of personal dreams amidst adversity. Renowned as the author of the poignant memoir "On Second Thought, Maybe I Can" and a co-contribut...

30 min
11 February 2024
Ancient Healing for Mind, Body, and Soul Revitalization: Madhuri Pura Dasa

Born into a family of yogis, Madhuri Pura Dasa initially took spirituality for granted until a pivotal moment at the age of sixteen. Tasked by their father to read the Bhagavad Gita for $100, the experience profoundly impacted him, leading to a rejection of the money and a n...

26 min
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