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Here, we discuss everything about Estate Planning and equip you with the knowledge to build a legacy that lasts. This podcast is brought to you by FBNQuest Trustees.


Last Episode Date: 22 February 2024

Total Episodes: 68

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22 February 2024
The Legacy Room: Episode 3

What happens to the money in your bank account when you're gone? Does a 'Payable on Death' (POD) help distribute it as you wish? What alternatives are there to a POD? Our hosts, Capone and Sir RO are joined by Barbie and Baba T on this episode of The Legacy ...

14 min
9 February 2024
The Legacy Room: Episode 2

What makes a Will legal? Does age matter when it comes to having a Will? How can you execute your Will? Cappone and Sir RO are joined by new guests on this exciting episode as they discuss the validity of a Will and the mode of executing a Will. Visit legacyseries.fbnquest...

15 min
1 February 2024
The Legacy Room: Episode 1

What does Estate Planning involve? Who should have an Estate Plan? How should you go about creating one? Join us on this exciting and insightful pilot episode of the Legacy Room as we discuss the basics of Estate Planning. Visit to create an Estat...

21 min
1 February 2024
Benefits of Using an Institutional Executor for Your Estate

13 min
29 January 2024
Setting Your Investment Goals With Your Estate Plan in Mind

14 min
6 December 2023
Estate Planning as a Woman

13 min
6 December 2023
Having a Charitable Trust

14 min
6 December 2023
Durable Power of Attorney

In this episode, we discuss what a Durable Power of Attorney is and its functions.

15 min
23 October 2023
Large Families and Estate Planning Polygamy

14 min
18 October 2023
FAQs about Islamic Estate Planning

14 min
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