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No more than 10 min episodes. Build Emotional Intelligence focused on; Positive leadership, relationships, cohesion, and trust. Mark works daily with LEADERS. He discusses topics of Emotional Intelligence to make sure you are ready for the new era of leadership TOPICS: Communication, Mindset, Conflict, Mental Health, Work Culture, Workplace Stress, Feedback, ROI, Crisis Management, Burnout, Empowerment, Transitions, Inclusion. Retention.


Last Episode Date: 16 April 2024

Total Episodes: 24

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16 April 2024

The Personal Improvement Plan (PIP) is never welcome as it strikes at the heart of anyone's ego or sense of good work. It is so important that this be done the right way with both employee and employer playing a role so that there is a positive outcome on the individua...

13 min
7 February 2024
Football Playoffs and Emotional Intelligence?

If you are watching, you will see the reactions of players and fans that let you see their ability to show emotions at the right time. There is an emotional positioning aspect of the competition that allows us to enjoy victory and even tolerate loss with grace Next time ...

11 min
11 January 2024

Are we addicted to accomplishment? Maybe we should stop making mountains for ourselves to overcome. Pick something you are doing well and keep doing that. Book choice From Strength to Strength by Arthur C Barnes: Linkedin   My Executive Coachin...

8 min
1 November 2023
About Men's Mental Health- Emotional Intelligence is about having awaress to take action.

The common excuses for men not embracing mental health conversations no longer justify not seeking help. Today's emotional climate requires men to have good emotional skills to navigate the life today. When someone says "I was not raised in a house that talked of ...

10 min
5 October 2023
EQ READY (Trailer)

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0 min
5 October 2023
Be Uncomfortable

Much of my work is with people who have to make difficult decisions in their company, business or personal life! They want to know how to make the best decision! How does this relate to the Emotional Intelligent leader? Most leaders with Emotional Intelligence expect some ...

6 min
20 June 2023
I Was EQ Tested at the Drive-Thru

Yeah, I spend my days thinking about how emotional Intelligence can help you be successful at business and career achievement. I have always maintained that a person who has good EQ performs better in their social and romantic relationships and has lower stress. so really EQ...

7 min
14 June 2023
Three words often overlooked in Emotionally Intelligence

You are probably not going to see these words a lot in podcasts about EQ. I believe that when you use them, its a sign that you are willing to display that you are Emotionally Intelligent in a way that really matters. When these three words are used it changes the motion o...

5 min
12 May 2023
Do you ever have a moment where you just freak out? You need Emotionally Intelligent friends

It does not happen often, but a few weeks ago, I had one of those moments where I thought. "What the hell Am I doing all of this for anyway? What happens if it all goes wrong? What was I thinking? I was quickly saved from this downward spiral as I reached out to a ...

7 min
6 April 2023
I forgot about how great it is to talk to other business owners (outside of work)

This week was reminder of how great it is to just talk with other business owners and entrepreneurs outside of what you are doing. We are practicing emotional Intelligence when we not only relate but share with others like us what we have in common and how we struggle. THEN ...

5 min
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