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Empowering Women in Real Estate – The Podcast with Karen Cooper

Empowering Women in Real Estate®. Listen in as I share stories and tips from my life and business, and interview some of my favorite people.


Last Episode Date: 19 June 2024

Total Episodes: 300

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19 June 2024
306: Succeeding in a Second Home Market with Sonja Bush

Have you ever been on vacation and dreamed of what it would be like to own a home there? Or maybe live there year round? Or maybe even sell real estate there?   My guest on todays episode of Empowering Women in Real Estate® - The Podcast has done all three!   In this epis...

41 min
12 June 2024
305: 18 Months at Real

  It’s been over a year and a half since I made the move with my real estate team to Real, and I can honestly say it was the best move we’ve ever made. It’s been quite a while since I’ve done an update episode for you, and on today’s episode of Empowering Women in...

27 min
5 June 2024
304: Steal My Strategy

For the entirety of my career I’ve spent a significant part of my time teaching, training and mentoring agents. Sometimes for pay, a lot of the time for free.   I’ve never believed in holding your best ideas close to the vest. Sharing and giving them freely is where it...

19 min
29 May 2024
303: Buyer Beware

Be honest … when you get a call these days from a buyer, do you feel a little apprehensive? Our industry is changing … has changed … but that isn’t anything new. On today’s episode of Empowering Women in Real Estate® - The Podcast I’m sharing my take on the chan...

17 min
22 May 2024
302: 9 Years as a Team Leader with Vicky Noufal

Recently Vicky Noufal and I celebrated not only 9 years of our business partnership, but 9 years of being team leaders! Our now nearly 50 woman real estate team has served well over 3,000 clients over the years and over $1.4 BILLION in real estate sales volume. We have learn...

60 min
15 May 2024
301: How to Shorten the Learning Curve

There is no doubt about it … there is no such thing as an overnight success, BUT success does leave clues and there are strategies you can use to shorten the learning curve in whatever it is you are doing.   On today’s episode of Empowering Women in Real Estate® - The ...

23 min
8 May 2024
300: The Power of Consistency

THREE HUNDRED EPISODES!    It’s kind of crazy to think that today is episode 300 of Empowering Women in Real Estate® - The Podcast … and the perfect example of the power of consistency.   I’ve used consistency throughout my career to build a … wait for it … con...

38 min
1 May 2024
299: Asking for the Business

Have you ever felt awkward “asking for the business”?    But isn’t that we are supposed to do right? We’re sales people!   Actually, no. But also, yes. The point here is finding a way to do it that is authentic to you and how you do business.   I’m sharing my p...

22 min
24 April 2024
298: Social Prospecting with Michelle Berman-Mikel

Join me on today’s episode of Empowering Women in Real Estate® - The Podcast for a fascinating conversation around social prospecting with my friend Michelle Berman-Mikel!   Do you utilize social media in your business? Do you prospect in your business?   Hopefully (!) ...

53 min
17 April 2024
297: Database Refresh

It’s time to Spring Clean Your Business … are you ready?   The best way I know how to do this is with a database refresh. This is an exercise I go through twice per year in my business and it is so helpful to ensure I am not only maximizing my return on investment with ...

21 min
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