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Edgy Ideas

Welcome to Edgy Ideas, where we explore what it means to live a ‘good life’ and build the ‘good society’ in our disruptive age. This podcast explores our human dynamics in today's networked society. Addressing topical themes, we explore how social change, technology and environmental issues impact on how we live, and who we are - personally and collectively. Edgy Ideas podcast aims to re-insert the human spirit, good faith, ethics and beauty back into the picture, offering new perspectives and psycho-social insights. We pay particular attention to how the ‘unconscious that speaks through us’, entrapping us in repetitive patterns and shaping our desires. Each podcast concludes by contemplating what it means to live a ‘good life’ and create the ‘good society’. Enjoy! Edgy Ideas is sponsored by the Eco-Leadership Institute A radical think tank and developmental hub for leaders, coaches and change agents. Join our community of practice and work live with many of our podcast guests Discover more here: ( Contact


Last Episode Date: 11 June 2024

Total Episodes: 81

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11 June 2024
80: Lacan and Coaching with Leslie Goldenberg

Leslie is a student at the Lacanian School of Psychoanalysis of San Francisco and shares an interest with Simon about how Lacan’s work can be very useful in our coaching practice.  Leslie shares how Lacan’s psychoanalytic approaches show up in her work saying the most i...

40 min
14 May 2024
79: Reinventing Ourselves with Susan Kahn

This conversation goes deep into an unplanned examination of the troubles of the world and arises from these to explore the changing workplace and how we reinvent ourselves. Susan is a Jew who lives in London, and she describes her experience with both the rise of anti-Semi...

38 min
23 April 2024
78: The Seasonal Organisation & Women’s Leadership with Liz Rivers

Liz Rivers shares her rich engagement with nature and how it informs her work in leadership and as a coach. The seasonal organisation refers back to pre-modern times and draws on the Celtic Calendar as a way of connecting our workplaces with the rhythms and cycles of the nat...

36 min
26 March 2024
77: Approaching Human Disappearance Through Art with Chantal Meza & Brad Evans

In this fascinating and deeply insightful podcast, Chantal and Brad reflect on the meaning of disappearance. Chantal comes from Mexico where over 100,000 people have disappeared through violence and kidnapping. Human disappearance leaves a hole, an empty space, a void to whi...

42 min
27 February 2024
76: What Authored The Author? How work and organisations shape us: Dr Simon Western

This podcast reflects on my extensive and diverse work journey, which has been profoundly enriching. Yet, it transcends a mere work biography; it delves into an emotional journey shared. Work occupies a significant portion of our lives, yet we seldom reflect on how our exper...

45 min
23 January 2024
75: Making A Difference in India with Sudarshan Suchi and Shweta Malhotra

Sudarshan and Shweta are key leadership figures in Bal Raksha Bharat (also known as Save the Children India). Sudarshan is CEO and Shweta is Head of Governance & Organisation Development.     In this podcast, they generously share their thoughts and experiences. Thei...

41 min
10 January 2024
74: Refugees: A Response with Alana Chloe Esposito

Chloe is co-director of Lighthouse Relief a small NGO set up 8 years ago in Greece to respond to the influx of more than 900,000 refugees arriving in Greece from Syria at that time.  Chloe shares her experience and the changing nature of the challenges they face. Initially,...

37 min
19 December 2023
73: The City is My Monastery with Rev Richard Carter

This podcast focuses on Richard Carter's work and life as a vicar at St Martin-in-the-field, a bustling church in Trafalgar Square London, known for its work on social justice and in particular its work with the homeless.  Richard and Simon met when Simon was experiencing a...

47 min
12 December 2023
72: Secret Negotiators: Northern Ireland Peace Process with Niall Ó Dochartaigh

In this deeply insightful podcast, Niall shares findings and thoughts from his research and study of the conflict in Northern Ireland, published in his recent book Deniable Contact: Back-Channel Negotiation in Northern Ireland. Niall has spoken to key actors in the peace pro...

48 min
5 December 2023
71: Napoleon: Leadership Lessons with Stephanie Jones and Jonathan Gosling

Napoleon is back in the cinemas, and apparently, there are more movies made about him than any other person, he is third on the list of most books written about a person (behind Jesus and Hitler). So what is the allure and what can we learn from this Mesianic leadership fi...

46 min
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