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Dollars & Common Sense

A listener-driven radio show aired on WNIS AM790. Objective, unbiased financial advice on all personal financial planning matters delivered by CERTIFIED FINANCIAL PLANNERS™.


Last Episode Date: 16 May 2024

Total Episodes: 58

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16 May 2024
The Concerning State of Retirement Savings in the US

A recent survey shows that about one-third of the US population has nothing saved for retirement. Of those who have something saved, most have less than $100,000. We discuss this low rate of retirement savings, how you can improve your savings rate, and tell a success stor...

42 min
24 April 2024
Wealthway Investment Management Philosophy and Principles

Wealthway Financial Advisors investment management philosophy and principles are explained in detail. Money is purchasing power and its value is relative. Stocks are a superior and safer long term investment than bonds. But investors must accept more short term variations...

43 min
12 April 2024
Listener Calls

This week, we have a show full of listener calls. Hear real life scenarios from people who need help maximizing their financial resources. Kevin discusses what to do with a large windfall, how to find an experienced, ethical financial advisor, encourages a listener to buil...

43 min
28 March 2024
Retirement Trends in the United States

Americans are living longer, which means the concept of retirement is evolving. In this episode, we discuss what modern retirement looks like, how you can best prepare, and techniques to help you age well.

43 min
14 March 2024
What It Means to Be Rich in America

For a variety of reasons, many people like to know how they stack up. This show, we talk about how to calculate and measure wealth so you can see how you compare.

43 min
29 February 2024
Biggest Financial Regrets of 2023 and How to Avoid Them in 2024

A recent survey found that 82% of Americans regretted a financial decision in 2023 -- and 68% of those said their mistakes caused them significant stress. We discuss those regrettable financial moves and how to avoid them in 2024.

42 min
16 February 2024
Financial Planning Considerations to Get 2024 Started Right - #2

More great tips and useful strategies pertaining to investment management, debt usage, and credit history to set you up for success this year.

43 min
26 January 2024
Listener Calls

A variety of listener calls with real life financial planning concerns make up the majority of this show. Kevin answers questions and provides guidance on Inherited IRAs, uses for home equity, Required Minimum Distributions, Qualified Charitable Distributions, and a thorny ...

43 min
11 January 2024
Financial Planning Considerations to Get 2024 Started Right - #1

The personal, cash flow, asset & debt, tax, insurance, and legal issues to consider to get 2024 started right.

43 min
14 December 2023
Smart Financial Planning Moves to Make Before Year End - #2

Financial moves you can make now to enhance your financial situation before year end.

43 min
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