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Doing it Right: The Stories that Make Us

Welcome to 'Doing it Right: The Stories that Make Us', hosted by author and national news contributor Valerie Sokolosky.
On the show, you'll hear fascinating stories from successful leaders who have lived life "doing it right", the journey to becoming a leader, and personal experiences that formed their character, drive, impact, and influence.
Their stories of authenticity will inspire you!

Last Episode Date: 6 May 2024

Total Episodes: 179

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6 May 2024
From Penthouse to Penitentiary: Whistleblower FBI’s ADM Investigation | MARK WHITACRE-Vice President Culture & Care, Executive Director Coca-Cola Consolidated t-factor| Ep.178 - Doing it Right!

Mark Whitacre, an Ivy League Ph.D., became the highest-level corporate executive in US history to become an FBI whistleblower. His undercover work with the FBI during the ‘90’s ADM scandal brought down the company while landing Mark in prison for 8.5 years. Tune in - ...

34 min
22 April 2024
Behind the Scenes with Massachusetts Hall of Fame Radio Host-Dan Rea, Lawyer & Host of Nightside, WBZ Radio

Dan Rea, a veteran journalist, says his “most important work as an investigative reporter is gaining freedom for a wrongfully convicted man facing a murder charge.”This man speaks the truth – no matter what! Tune in to hear Dan’s honest and upfront comments about tod...

39 min
8 April 2024
Wisdom Within - the Art of Personal Branding; Susan Chritton, Author Personal Branding for Dummies | Ep.176 - Doing it Right!

What is Wisdom…and how do you cultivate it?Tune in to hear an energetic discussion with Susan Chritton, Career Coach and author of Personal Branding for Dummies (now in second edition). Our episode shows her enthusiasm for life as she explains how to use the powerful inter...

39 min
25 March 2024
Leadership Lessons from Japanese Tea Ceremony_Shoko Masuda, Master of Tea Ceremony | Ep.175 - Doing it Right!

What does the Japanese Tea Ceremony have to do with Leadership? Tune in to hear Master of Tea Ceremony and Leadership Coach Shoko Masuda teach us how the Tea Ceremony practice teaches leadership lessons of perseverance, slowing down in our fast-paced modern world, striving ...

37 min
11 March 2024
Psychotherapist – to Mystery Writer! Nina Atwood, Author & Executive Coach | Ep.174 - Doing it Right!

Psychotherapist turned best-selling mystery writer! For Nina Atwood, the seeds were planted early. When Nina’s fourth grade teacher told her she “should be a writer someday – she took those words to heart and never forgot them.Tune in to hear how Nina Atwood’s caree...

32 min
26 February 2024
HE DISRUPTS CULTURES | STEVE SOSLAND, Vice Chancellor-Leadership & Culture Development, Texas Tech University System | Ep.173 - Doing it Right!

An intentional “culture disrupter”, Steve is known globally for helping organizations implement values-based cultures. He serves as Vice Chancellor for Leader & Culture Development for the Texas Tech University System; additionally, he teaches this concept globally a...

32 min
5 February 2024
Wheelchair Bound Since Birth, Muscular Dystrophy Advocate Author | Ep.172 - Doing it Right!

Meet Mindy Henderson. As author of The Things That Suck, Mindy embodies the quote “I don’t need easy; I just need POSSIBLE. Diagnosed with a neuromuscular disease at birth, it’s not easy to fly on an airplane or function as a mom and wife. Yet Mindy’s positivity has ...

41 min
8 January 2024
Carey Stinson Consults Bar Industry | Ep.171 - Doing it Right!

Carey Stinson has been working in the hospitality industry since he was seventeen. Today, Carey dedicates his time to consulting, training and educating within the bar industry. His extensive knowledge and skills are in great demand as he helps owners run a successful busine...

32 min
18 December 2023
What do you do when the unexpected happens? | Lisa Marchetti | Ep. 170 - Doing it Right

No parent expects to hear the words “Your child has cancer.” Within the same time period, Lisa Marchetti’s husband was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. Today, they are both cancer survivors! But the journey from the perspective of a mom and wife is heartbreaking, had ...

31 min
4 December 2023
1st person with Down syndrome completes Ironman-sets Guinness Book Record | Ep. 169 - Doing it Right

1% better every day! That’s the mantra for Chris Nikic - World Champion Ironman finisher who set a new world record as the first Special Olympics athlete and the first person with Down Syndrome to complete a 140.6mile Ironman. Chris and his Dad, Nik Nikic share their journ...

38 min
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